Surprising Spiritual Insight From A TV Psychic Detective – Pam Coronado

Surprising Spiritual Insight From A TV Psychic Detective – Pam Coronado

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  1. Bob, what a great lady you've interviewed, here.  She's everything your intro promised.

    I wanted to share something on the point where Pam spoke of her mediumistic experiences with less than forthcoming beings/ghosts.  It's my understanding that we do go "into the Light," if you will, on crossing over.  So that aspect of us would have all the ethics and info the psychic detective is after.

    So why would we get ignorant or possibly lying deceased beings?  When we go into the Light we drop all the dross, all the imperfections of our 3D life – we leave them behind.  Here in this realm those are more like recordings – not the actual being of the loved one.  This may be what's called the astral ka in Egyptian lore.  It's more like a conglomeration of thoughts, thought forms, that holds together almost as if it was a person – but it's not.

    The ghost you see going up the same stairs, picking up the same ax, performing the same actions endlessly – that is not anyone's trapped soul.  It's more like a recording – astral?  etheric?  I'm not sure – I just know it's not the loved one.  (As Source in form, the beings we are don't/can't get trapped.)

    As you know so much, have discovered so very much both in your own experience as well as via your interviews, this is perhaps nothing new to you.  Just thought I'd contribute it as one more potential piece of the puzzle.

    And thanks for this very wonderful interview.  Thumbs up for sure  🙂

  2. I love this interview. Pam Coronado exudes such a raw honesty and purity about what she does – it's fascinating and I'm sure fulfilling work. I'm curious about dreams (I've had many precognitive dreams over the past 5 decades) – they seem to come from a realm that is more real than here – yet, this is the current focus. Thank you again for sharing this and for allowing us to meet Pam via this interview. 

  3. It is good to hear Pam say that the people who have passed on (were murdered) report that they left their bodies before the violence occurs.  Like Bob, it made me immediately think of many NDErs who also talk about leaving their bodies before their death.   

  4. That was a great interview and subject. Her story is amazing, I can't imagine having a dream like that and then have it totally change her life! I love forensics and will check out her show on Amazon. Thanks Bob!

  5. Great Interview. Interesting that she saw the woman leave the body before the death. I remember in "Born With a Veil" by Maya Perez, she said she saw a small animal killed by a bird, and she saw its spirit leave before the bird got it. Edgar Cayce reportedly didn't get into an elevator because he didn't see any auras around the people in the elevator, he was so surprised that he didn't get in. The elevator ended up dropping and killing the occupants.

  6. No its not easy work I agree with an earlier comment.
    I have tried as an empath and psychic to do what pam does. What I have found and I do not know wether it is because im not meant to see or wether impairments from injury, with children inparticular, I find it difficult to have clear concise 'viewing' of location of their remains 🙁 I have had to draw a line for my own wellbeing. I think sometimes, there are certain psychics cut out to do certain psychic tasks, and for me, children are the most difficult. I can feel their pain fear etc, but cannot reach the point of them able to show or tell etc where they are only to a broad locality eg. County/state. I have had to draw a line and not pursue these as the frustration and indeed the need to want to help families inparticular mothers is too great and it becomes counter productive to me ie. Makes me upset/depressed within myself and other emotions because its a painful experience in the first instance then doubly when failing to be more specific, even though Ive done this without the families knowledge or knowing me, the feeling of letting them down is huge. Pam is brill. Shes a very special and strong lady.

  7. Hi Bob… this is one of my favorite interviews.  So much excellent info !!  Pam tells the total truth and that's why i have a high regard 4 her.  I have stacks of dreams written down, and what Pam experiences i can resonate with.  Thankx Bob for sharing your passion w/ us .  Blessings 🙂 &  Namaste

  8. very great show: I appreciate: I am a sidereal eastern vedic astrologer and I know psychic ability is real and does not need to be defended. Great work and dedication you are committed to help others. (I study murder cases for about 3 or 4 years now: I look at the planetary alignment and the date and the time: I see what I see and I know it works) I have had to learn detachment as well and I had to go deep soul searching and I do understand how Karma work through my Vedic studies and attending Jyotish school, and I know that the Universe is always in control. True, some cases are just not going to get solved and 'bad' people may just not get arrested or found for their committed crimes against others. (the Long Island murders: I have researched in depth and I had to realize same thing: law enforcement needs hard evidence to make things happen sometimes: and that gives me more peace to finally understand this principle: yet my heart hurts for the families in all of these cases) it's nice to know that there are truly souls in the world that use their special gifts to help others. Namaste~ Om Shanti

  9. Been having dreams and premonitions since i was a little kid. They only got stronger as i got closer to being an adult. Sometimes its crazy to dream. Especially in the beginning when youre not sure what or why youre dreaming things so intense. Its a gift but sometimes its hard to balance at least for me ♡

  10. I love that Pam trusts her own psychic insight over mediumship, as I believe dark spirits can imitate souls quite cleverly to give misleading or tainted information.

    I don’t believe a being returned to pure soul state would ever lie, although they might speak non literally, or refrain from giving information not good for us to know, or that would personally “condemn” another person.

    I think souls on the other side (outside of time) see the pure soul state of all persons, including their perpetrators, despite the heinous-ness of their actions on earth.

  11. Wow Bob, things happen for a reason at times. I have been considering looking into  having a Psychic, help me locate the Father I never knew. I'm age 52, from Chicago n know nothing about him as my mom had me at 16 n only met him 1 night . Doing a Ancestry DNA thing this week n hoping for a match but so uncertain. Thanks for this vid.

  12. Thank you Bob for such a great episode. I’ve been following you for a while now and I’ve enjoyed and gotten a lot out of many of your videos, but I think this is my favorite ever. You always help me understand more about life after death in so many different ways. And you are so engaging and supportive and positive and empathetic and clearly just wanting to help others with the knowledge you have gained over so many years of studying the subject. Talking with people. Experiencing amazing stories. This coupled with the talk tonight with this amazing lady and psychic really helped me. I lost my 26 year old son Nick to suicide in Nov of 2016, and it seems like every time I’ve got a handle on that and worked through grieving ….it’s back and I have more questions and miss him so much. He was/is such an amazing funny happy guy/kid (my youngest son of three) who honestly just made the room light up whenever he entered it, no matter where no matter who with. Everyone loved/loves Nick so much and they all say he just had this presence; this love and light and laughter about him that was infectious. And then he took his own life and shocked everyone to their core. I miss him and think about him and dream about him and feel him every day. More so now than ever. When I thought it was getting easier.
    I’m going to start writing down my dreams right away. I feel lucky that I have very vivid dreams about him pretty regularly and feel that I got to spend time with him. And think about getting a reading. Which I’ve never done.
    One of the things from this program tonight that really helped me was you two talking about the spirit leaving the body before the pain of the last moments of life. That’s been one of the hard – impossible details for me to deal with. So thank you for that peaceful loving comforting thought. I hope so much that it was true for him.
    Again…thank you. I appreciate your thoughtful insights more than you can know.

  13. I've watched this before and also saw Pam on Sensing Murder and respect her knowledge, common sense and abilities. THANK YOU BOB, for another great lesson about life and death. Peace.

  14. Thank you for your great work here, Bob. You are such a fantastic interviewer. Every time I had a question you asked it! So thorough! And Pam is one of the best I've seen. Wow. So grounded and honest and a pro. Keep up the great work!