Suicide & The Afterlife – For Suicide Loss Survivors

Suicide & The Afterlife – For Suicide Loss Survivors

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Suicide & The Afterlife – For Suicide Loss Survivors

Bob Olson: “In 2012, I developed this online video about “what comes about to people today who acquire their personal life in the afterlife.” Even though I experienced not yet penned my reserve, Solutions About The Afterlife, and Afterlife Television set was only a number of months previous, my conclusions about this important matter have sustained since 2012 (even though I will acknowledge that my ebook does an even greater position describing this subject than this online video). This episode addresses a broad range of subjects, such as: soul pre-delivery scheduling, the soul’s perspective on our decisions & steps, spirit vs soul, lifetime critiques, soul assistance from masters and elders, and a very crucial dialogue about the ‘potentials’ our souls pick out for us in daily life.

“Around 400,000 persons have noticed this episode, most of whom have misplaced a loved one to suicide. And hundreds of these persons have despatched me thank you e-mail and responses because of the consolation it has given them. This is how comprehension the afterlife can profit us. I really propose that you check out this episode even if you have not missing a beloved a person to suicide, due to the fact what you will learn from comprehending this subject will aid you realize lifestyle after death on a pretty deep stage.

“What I did not point out in this video—that I have given that talked about in my ebook and when interviewed by discuss exhibit hosts about my story—is that I endured with a long-term depression in the late 1980s and early 1990s that led me to contemplate suicide for yrs. Though I am grateful that I did not select to acquire my possess lifestyle, I admit that it could have absent possibly way at times. This is why I have researched this issue so intensely and why I hold a particular location in my heart for the family members who have dropped a cherished one particular to suicide. And this is why I produced this video—to aid suicide decline survivors fully grasp that their loved ones went to the afterlife like every person else, and to aid solution the queries and relieve the fears that are regular in their problem. I hope you will share this Afterlife Television set episode with anybody who you know who has shed a mate or family member to suicide. And I hope you obtain from looking at it your self. God bless.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv

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  1. Thank you for this share Bob. Very timely. My niece's husband ended his life last week due to depression. So true what you say about how a person attempting is not thinking of others. I can vouch for this. I attempted suicide myself many years ago, twice in fact. The emotional pain is so great, you just want to not feel any more. As for my nephew I have felt his presence. I talk to him sometimes & send him, his family & friends love & healing.

  2. Thank you Bob. I watch all your videos and I have learned so much from them. Please know that your work is much appreciated. This video is especially important at this time of the year because the holidays are hard on some people.
    Much love to you and take care! Peggy

  3. Bob, I have an uncle who committed suicide 4 years ago. He was my dad's brother, but my mom was very close to him because he knew him since he was a child, they grew up in the same neighborhood. My mom has the idea that because my uncle committed suicide, he went to hell. This Christmas my mom will be coming to visit, and I will show her this video. I know that it takes a while to accept and get rid of beliefs that don't serve us, and I hope my mom can get rid of the belief that hell exists. Thank you, Bob. Much love to you and your wife Melissa.

  4. Thank you for another inspiring video Bob! I have bipolar and other mental illnesses and addictions in my past and have tried to take my own life and was not successful. I am grateful. I have been able to do living amends. It is so true that when I was thinking of taking my own life and attempting to do so I was only thinking of myself….and I am grateful the thoughts of suicide are now so rare and when they come quick to pass….

  5. What an excellent and much needed and wonderful video, Bob. The information you have gathered and offer just proves once again that Source is Love. All the judgmental, punishing traits often described are reflections of us, not of Light.

  6. Thank you so much Bob for the vid! It gives me a better perspective of why we are here. My biggest lessons are learn to forgive and learn to love. I lost someone close to suicide. I am finally coming to terms after a lot of years. When I vision him I started to use positive thinking that he's in a beautiful place in paradise. I am still able to talk to him sometimes in dreams and with passing thoughts and knowing he is in a better place other than this world which was very painful to him.

  7. Hello Bob, funny I came across your page today as I almost forgot a suicide case we had in my family at least 10 yrs ago.
    Thomas was my niece's fiancee at the time and they had a baby together, a little girl. This was in Germany.
    He was very smart and worked for Microsoft and most of the time was in a good mood.The last time I saw him was in 2011 the same day the twin towers were attacked. Shortly after that I moved back stateside. I received a call that Thomas took his own life by jumping off a TV tower. We still don't have the details why he did this, all we know is that he came from a doctor's office that day. A older gentleman walking through the woods found him dead on the ground. For years I didn't think about him, but just last week at a red light intersection, on my way to work in the morning, I saw a red car in front of me with a license plate saying PROTOSS. This was always part of his email address. When I saw it the first time I didn't think nothing of it, but it happened again, same intersection, same car, same time in the morning only a few days later….hello Thomas

  8. I visit my sister 3 days after she died on the otherside it look as it was a tunnel and a room inside the tunnel she was on a hospital bed i knew i wasnt dreaming and she was there realistically i saw other souls walking waiting to get seen she told me her head hurts and ahe doing ok she shot herself i was so happy to see her it was real

  9. Thank you so much! It was very helpful. Your explanation made a lot of sense and alleviates my soul! Very tragically, my nephew committed suicide last October . He was 29. Miss him so much! As well as my sister and my mother !

  10. I've just discovered you after I searched for James Van Praagh. What you said in the 2 videos I watched in the small hours of the morning makes sense to me. With every new medium, shamen or spirit artist I am learning more. Thank you

  11. Thank you for this. As much as my mother’s suicide was very shocking, because I’m aware of what goes on in the afterlife, my grief was tempered. Knowing her lifelong battle with mental illness that became harder and harder to medicate, and dementia that would only become worse, was over and she was in a loving and healing place, it helped me move through grief. This video will help so many people.

  12. Thank you, Bob. My only son died by suicide on 04/12/2018.  He had suffered with PTSD, TBI & MST.  I never asked why he did that "to me" because it wasn't about me. It's good to know that he is no longer suffering and is a good place just on the other side of the veil.

  13. Thank you Bob. I have a question, if the spirit is eternal then he will regret taking his life for eternity? And he can’t reborn to fix things, right? So wouldn’t he regret it too much? It just sounds like a tough situation to be in.

  14. My only little brother committed suicide three days ago in a hotel room by himself he shot him self in the head and in my grieving process I find such comfort from videos like this he was a believer in Christ and I believe he’s with Jesus even as I type this. thank you for this topic.