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Matt Fraser is America’s Best Psychic Medium, greatest-selling author, and star of the hit television sequence on E! Amusement.

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About Matt Fraser Psychic Medium:

Matt Fraser is America’s Best Psychic Medium and star of the strike tv sequence Meet up with The Frasers on E! Amusement.

His offered-out are living functions, tv appearances, and spiritual teachings have allowed him to convey healing, hope & laughter to a world wide viewers of fans and followers from all all-around the planet. From heartfelt emotional readings to breathtaking revelations, Matt Fraser has audiences on the edge of their seats with his outrageous character and one of a kind technique to mediumship.

His readings lead attendees through a rollercoaster of feelings from laughing to crying, turning skeptics into believers with stunning particulars. His dynamic readings commonly include names, dates, and locations he couldn’t perhaps know, only introducing to his lengthy-recognized track record. Matt’s uncanny abilities and intense precision have allowed him to access thousands and thousands globe-large from A-record celebrities and influencers, to each day people today on the lookout to get in contact with these they have shed.

The bestselling writer of When Heaven Phone calls and a psychic phenomenon, Matt has caught the awareness of major media shops across the nation including the New York Times, Persons magazine, and CBS Radio. He has also been a sought-following guest on common Tv set exhibits this sort of as The Authentic Housewives, Botched, The Doctors, and numerous much more.

Connect With Matt on Social Media:

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/Meetmattfraser/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/meetmattfraser

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/meetmattfraser/

TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@meetmattfraser?

Enjoy Extra Matt Fraser:

On the internet Virtual Reading Videos: https://s71.co/3GXuRXw

Countrywide Television set Spots: https://s71.co/3wkGBhU

Readings: https://s71.co/3mMIdhf

Most Common: https://s71.co/3kagFRz

Purchase Matt’s New E book: We Under no circumstances Die: Tricks of the Afterlife

Out there Right here: https://amzn.to/3t9ZEuW

Psychic medium Matt Fraser, author of When Heaven Phone calls, is back to unpack the variety one particular question people question him: “What takes place after death?” Although we may possibly be expecting a sophisticated solution, it’s truly really very simple: We under no circumstances die!

Drawing from countless numbers of discussions with Spirit, Matt pulls again the curtain on life’s concealed revelations:

-What occurs when we cross above
-The stunning realities of heaven and everlasting existence
-The guardian angels who hold us safe and sound on Earth (together with our animals who have passed)
-The role of desires and how souls look to the living
-Like, romance, and soul mates beyond lifetime
-Ghosts, hauntings, destructive souls, electricity vampires, and psychic defense
-Future, totally free will, and 2nd probabilities
-Regrets, amends, and forgiveness from heaven
-Figuring out your items and reason
-Karma, kindness, and living in the divine circulation
-How to identify the indications and messages our loved ones mail us from heaven

As Matt describes, “We all have our individual ‘phone line’ to communicate with heaven. All we have to do is figure out how to use it.”

Disclosed by way of in no way-just before-instructed tales and Matt’s conversations with the dearly departed, the wisdom in We Under no circumstances Die is perfect for anyone searching for uplifting answers about life’s most important inquiries. Learn the healing and fulfillment that await us and our loved ones in the afterlife—plus how these truths can convey us consolation, this means, and direction in our earthly lives.

View Matt’s Actuality Tv Sequence:

He’s Unfiltered, In excess of the Top rated, & A Renowned Psychic Medium. Satisfy Matt Fraser & His Family!

Matt Fraser is his very own major supporter – and for excellent cause! The 28-12 months- aged is an intuitive psychic medium with a sharp wit, brutal honesty, and a wicked perception of humor. The self-produced guy thinks he has all the answers – and no one, residing or dead, can influence him if not. Impeccably dressed, properly-groomed, Matt’s picture can be found about town blown up to billboard sizing and plastered on his Cadillac Escalade. Some may possibly get in touch with him vain, but Matt just is familiar with what he likes, and how he likes it….and he ordinarily finishes up having it!

In this 50 percent-hour reality sitcom, E! will observe the humor, heart and hijinks of Rhode Island’s emerging golden pair, 28-yr-outdated psychic medium Matt Fraser and his magnificence queen girlfriend, Alexa, and their extended households.

Observe Now on NBC: https://www.nbc.com/meet up with-the-frasers

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  1. True about the technology. I experienced almost everything Matt said.

    My phone played a voice recording of my mother and I out of nowhere. An unplugged device played music. My computer suddenly had my mother's voice……these all happened.

  2. He said that a camera can't pick up a image of what spirits look like in their physical form which isn't exactly true. I was taking pictures of a winter storm one night because it was one of the worst ones to hit our area that year and it was 2 months after my dad passed away. After looking back at the images I captured from a iPhone, we noticed his spirit shining through the garage window at me. I still have the image today.

    You can see the cloths he wore to the hospital the day we took him and see his skin color. He was fully manifested. We never found that outfit he wore to the hospital to this day no one knows what happened to it. After that he has tried to communicate with us several times. He's tried to contact us by ringing the phone and I have a screenshot of this as well. The number that he used was a old phone of ours and has been disconnected for years.

    He does this often. Just the other day, I heard his favorite song on the radio come on. He's never left me even though he's not here in the physical world, he's still with me in spirit. I have seen many spirits and I can hear them as well but I don't know if I am a medium or not.

  3. For the second time within a week, my home camera has spotted something that it looks like “a flying orb”?, I am not sure about it. That happened after midnight. During the week, I have heard a gently noise like if “something is scratching the wall “. I tough that maybe there is a fly or something, so I have cleared out and extra cleaned the area. There was nothing. Today, soon as I have left the house and was walking to the Church ( I am walking one hour each way ), at every five minutes on average, my camera has been sending me notifications that human was spotted. When I checked, there was nothing. Same situation was happening last Sunday. I am living in an apartment at new complex development and my apartment has been blessed by my friend priest when I moved in. So, I am getting more curious as what is happening. Also, I want to point out that the first time when I noticed “flying objects”, was when I was recording a video of my birthday balloons, on my mobile. Nothing was noticeable when I was making the video, but as soon as I played back ( I was recording to send to my friend), I have seen twice two flying “objects”. Any idea what is going on around me? Thank you.

  4. I'm an empath and very intuitive and I sense and feel spirit energy…I've seen and captured orbs on video…I even asked if it was my grandfather and dad and other family members and if they were them, to come towards me and they responded accordingly and floated right towards me!! I got it all on video! It was a sureal experience!!

  5. I took photos today when i had done my nieces hair ( im a hairdresser) & in the photo , were 3 round little circles , on the left side of her head & more in a line leading up some steps in the back ground. There was nothing like this when i took the photo. We are a spiritual family & we think its my sisters first born child who was still born & was coming to visit. He would be late teens now if he were alive

  6. My dad died 3 days ago in Arizona and I am in Tennessee. He had had surgery and he made it through but after his heart couldn't handle it. I got the call around 1 in the morning. After calling people and too many texts I sat down in my recliner. I had one light on and the bulb changes colors and I had it set on blue. I looked up and to the right and there was a 1 1/2 – 2 inch sphere that was white. It was a white that I never saw before pure white with a hint of blue (I don't know if the blue was from the blue bub). It was PERFECTLY round. More round than any round object that would have a flaw it was PERFECTLY round. What got my attention was the color and the shape. It wasn't see through and it didn't move. I looked at it and I fell asleep.

  7. I have various size orbs every night which are captured on my internal security camera. There are often many flying around and following me around the house. Our dogs can see them too! I can send some videos

  8. I have seen orbs for several years, and only in the woods – where I spend a lot of time hiking. At first, it was on large blue orb, then as I became aware, as it was almost subconscious at first, I began to see it, and then them more often. They are always blue and red – and occasionally purple. Interestingly, these appear in the mountainous woods where my anscestors settled. I have never heard of anyone else seeing these. There are particular trails where this appear – and these properties, though remote, were owned by my ancestors . I am not sure whether they are my ancestors or some sort of wood spirits. I would love to know how to research this.

  9. It must be a framerate thing. Because one night when my third eye was peaking, I was in my theater and I was watching TV. I was prompted to start blinking quickly. When I did, I saw a gold orb about the size of a fist floating by from one end of the room to the other. It was fascinating. I saw it without a camera.

  10. My gma passed Monday at 230 am…. as of today I am seeing a clear round orb with almost a shadow in the middle… is this normal to see… is it her… I have lived in My house now 2 years brand new and NEVER have seen this at all! Can she hear me?

  11. Hi Matt was sitting on the bed behind my mom she had to be like 10 years old and she said mamaw that's grandma Pratt, it was crazy it was a younger version of my grandma just like the picture we had in the living room, it was awesome and shocking at the same time lol I enjoy all your videos I understand so much more now than I did before, I need to go make a comment on one of your other videos lol

  12. i have a freind who can see spirit shes open to all that it dose creep her out at times we have to let our loved ones to give us a rest and to close that part of us for a bit not compltley but maybe just for a few hors or a day ot two It can drain the body and the body needs a rest Because spirit can bombard us

  13. I always see orbs in pictures. One time there was this one orb and it looked EXACTLY like one of my cats that passed away a few years prior. iT WAS SO FREAKY but awesome picture. You can see her eyes the shape of her cute face even her whiskers. And in the same picture my other cat that was alive then HE SAW IT TOO and when the orb left down the hallway again my cat that was still alive his head turned looking down the hallway where the orb disappeared into and it was gone out of the picture. I took multiple pics.

  14. Wonder how we look if we incarnate somewhere other than earth and if we reincarnate back to earth do we keep the look we have now or does our soul change appearance each time we cross back over?

  15. Matt my husband and I moved into a home and a woman died in the home not a relative of ours. We had lights flickering, doors closing, our dog running under our bed, I would turn and an object would be put in my way. How do I remove energies from my home that is a relative of someone else? All of us have fallen in and outside the home. Do I need to worry? My mom fell and 3 months later she passed away. Please help me.

  16. My sisters and I would take turns spending the night at my parent’s house to help my dad take care of my mother when she was dying from cancer. I was sleeping in the next room, with a monitor on my nightstand, so I could see and hear my parents in case they needed me. I woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the monitor, and I saw many, many orbs floating above her! It was absolutely amazing! I knew it was all of her loved ones welcoming her into heaven. ❤️

  17. I was glad to hear what you said about psychic mediums can sometimes see orbs with the naked eye. My abilities have gotten so much stronger my husband and son passed. I wasn't sure if I was a medium or not. I knew I was seeing and talking to my loved ones, which is so confusing sometimes, but then last week I saw an orb slowly move over to me with the naked eye. It stunned me a little, especially when I looked inside it and I could see who it was, what they were wearing with vivid colors.

  18. I see lights strips coming from my arm when I pick something up at night it’s like it trails off also when I walk but 2 rooms when I past in the hallway is like strips of white lights . At first I thought it was from the tv but when I walk past happens lately I’m not scared

  19. I just captured a lot of orbs around my daughter and posted it on YouTube and Facebook last night. I was told they are dust. I was not so sure. I wish someone can tell me if they are real orbs. I took another video later on, and the lights were not there.

    Two days ago, she was saying: Agais (sounds like hi guys), when she looks up at the ceiling. Lizzy is two and a half.

    I was told the orbs are angels.

  20. Elizabeth Mccaffrey Hi Matt I love to watch your videos! I lost someone I had a very close realtionsip and I never get over it and it is very hard to live with out him in this. I always hoped that he will visit me or giving me some syne that he is ok.