Signs From Spirit: How Our Loved Ones In Spirit Tell Us They're Around

Signs From Spirit: How Our Loved Ones In Spirit Tell Us They're Around

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Indicators From Spirit: How Our Loved Ones In Spirit Explain to Us They’re Close to
Bob Olson of Afterlife Television interviews Dave Kane, writer of 41 Signals Of Hope

“In 2003, a hearth erupted in a Rhode Island nightclub identified as The Station boasting 100 lives. The youngest target was an 18-year-aged actor, writer and musician named Nicholas O’Neill, regarded as Nicky. Pursuing Nicky’s tragic passing, a string of messages, symptoms and indicators from the other aspect commenced flowing into the life of people who loved and survived him. Subsequently, a documentary and book have been produced to convey to his tale.

“This interview with Nicky’s father, Dave Kane, is a dialogue of those people miracles that brought hope and light into the hearts of the grieving. I present this episode for two factors: 1, for individuals of you who have shed loved ones but have not nonetheless regarded any signals from spirit, and Two, for all those of you who share amazing stories like this a single. For the latter, hearing another’s tale can help you to experience the affirmation that such symptoms of the afterlife are serious, and they make it possible for you to share the ease and comfort that these messages from spirit offer the grieving.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television

Really do not overlook Bob Olson’s new book: “Answers About The Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Calendar year Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Existence After Death.”

THE DOCUMENTARY (Available on DVD Amazon affiliate):

TO Purchase THE Ebook: The ebook is only readily available from the creator. http://www.davekane.web/41-the-ebook.html

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DAVE KANE, father of NICHOLAS O’NEILL, the youngest target of the fourth greatest nightclub hearth in U.S. heritage, shares fascinating tales and intriguing proof that lifestyle never ever ends. Just after receiving a barrage of signs, which include vocal messages from Nicky, Dave is persuaded that he has not “lost” his son. In its place he has been presented the priceless present of a loving, everlasting link with his boy. Just after experiencing Dave’s uplifting presentation and viewing his proof, you far too will be certain that your loved ones who have passed are continue to with you.

To call Dave Kane: phone (401) 965-0467, e-mail [email protected]

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  1. My mum visited me after she died, she knew the afterlife was real. So, she promised to come visit me after she died, and she did! I hope this message reaches a person that needs it. I also know we aren't alone in the universe, I've seen alien craft on multiple occasions, my friend has seen them with me.

  2. Thank you for sharing this my father passed away recently this really comfort me because i do not have the chance to meet him for the last time i hope his soul can rest in heaven and his soul will visit me more

  3. My Grandmother gives me the sign of a Cardinal. I was looking out my window and a Red Cardinal came into the yard. I said, Hello Grandma, I love oyu. It would come around every few days and I just knew she was happy with the house.

  4. Skeptics have never had an experience, I think there is a feeling of jealousy I understand that from living with my husband, step dad to my daughter. After the first year of my adult child's death Sept 10, 2016 (died waiting for a bus, car out of control jumped the curb, driver died too, we talked about it two days earlier as I had a flash and warned her to be safe) Year later, 2017, I was on my way into work with a coworker, we were headed to the back door as the front was locked. I saw a card face down in the bushes. I called the young man "hey let's make a bet! What's the card?' He said 8 of hearts and I said king of spades. Turned it over and saw it was an Ace of spades. I said to him 'we both got it wrong, it's an A for Ashley'. Two weeks later it was thanksgiving and I went to pull out my kitchenaid to knead the bread for our rolls. I noted behind it was a conceptual art piece that Ashley had made (she was an artist), it was a black top hat with a hand made card in the top…the Ace of spades………..Boy if she didn't make that clear!!

  5. While viewing this I opened another window with Facebook. Immediately a story came up about people not being able to tell time. It had a picture of a young guy looking at a clock on the street. The time on the clock 3:41.

  6. I remember this, as I live in New England! It was awful news! Pyrotechnics, we heard! We were all sooo devastated to learn of it right after it had happened! It was a favorite band of mine! Great White! So sorry for this man’s loss & all the losses! ♥️

  7. I spoke at my Dad's funeral and quoted Frank Sinatra by saying "Dad certainly did do it his way!" On the way home, not far from my home, there was a dump truck on my right. I looked up and written on the back of the dump truck it said, "I do it my way." Coincidence??? 🙂 I believe Dad watches over me along with Mom.

  8. Shortly after my mom passed suddenly, I dreamt she was on my bed playing with a 6 month old baby and she was in her 20's. I was so happy that she was "Alive" and I said "Mom your'e OK" and I hugged her so hard she fell off the bed and then I awoke. I now realize she was showing me comfort that she was fine and the baby was her first that she lost because of miscarriage. God is good. I love you mom and miss you so much. 10/21/2019

  9. I know my son knew something was up before he died. I saw Sean about 2 weeks before and when I said goodbye to him he whispered "dirt nap" when he waved to me. We used to joke and say those words when the stress of life got to be too much. I was visiting a friend of mine in CT that weekend and stopped by his job to see him before I drove back to NH. We still texted after I saw him and I did feel uneasy. On the day his body was discovered, I woke up and was looking for hotels in CT and was going to reserve one however I became so tired I decided it wasn't safe for me to drive there. It didn't make any sense for me to feel tired because I did sleep the night before. A coworker found his body at his home that day around 2 in the afternoon. Had I gone to CT, it would have been me to find him. He died the night before around 10. I took a picture of the laptops screen as it immediately made sense to me. Sean did not want me to find him that day. I do believe he intervened.

  10. Very moment my father passed away which was Halloween of 2005 I heard the words in my head saying "Nothing to forgive all is forgiven I love my family" This was in my father's voice And after that I was told my father had died I actually heard his words in my head the moment he died he was several miles away

  11. I’m amazed at this interview and enjoying it so much. I’m so sorry for your loss.
    But here’s the amazing thing for me!! I’m watching this because I lost my son NICK in 2016….and have since then been on and off watching programs like this especially with Bob, who I am very impressed with because he seems so sincere and authentic and has done his homework.
    I feel MY NICK around me often. I miss him so much and I just know that he knows that and provides comfort how and when he can.
    Two days ago it was my birthday and I went out on my patio and a cat I’ve NEVER seen before (even though there are several stray cats that come around periodically) suddenly just
    Appeared and was so sooooo friendly and loving and jumped up on my lap for pets. The connection to cats is this: I’ve always been a dog person. Not cat. Just a few months before my son Nick passed, he talked me into getting a cat for company because the duplex I live in doesn’t have a fenced yard for a dog. So I got one. Not my thing and there were issues but…
    It forever more associated Nick and me with cats.
    And here’s this stray unknown cat just loving up on me like I’ve never seen before.
    I know it sounds silly and I’m not telling the story other than here. But I think that cat was sent by or was my son in spirit able to comfort me ON MY BIRTHDAY…. .

  12. Also…my son Nick was very theatrical and did plays and modeling and also very musical and played the piano and sang and did gigs around town here. And played my baby grand piano and sang his heart out here like nowhere else.
    I miss him!!!

  13. Ok one more coincidence as you’re talking about the play about accepting gays.
    My son had girlfriends and then he had boyfriends. He came out as being bi shortly before his death. Which was suicide.
    And you talk about Gos loving and accepting all no matter what…exactly!!! I fully believe that Nick believed in God and God loved Nick. No matter what.