Shilo Harris: A Veteran's Near Death Experience (NDE)

Shilo Harris: A Veteran's Near Death Experience (NDE)

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A Soldier’s Near Death Experiences: Former U.S. Military Team Sergeant Shilo Harris ( writer of Metal Will, acquired devastating accidents in Iraq on Feb. 19, 2007, when a roadside bomb exploded. Just after his rescue he expended 48 times in an induced coma for the duration of which he experienced quite a few Near Death Experiences (NDEs). Like quite a few Veterans Shilo experienced never definitely processed his NDEs, largely due to the fact his counselors weren’t experienced to understand them. He became much more totally informed that he was an NDE survivor when he started answering online video interview concerns by Roberta Moore of

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  1. You are very courages and mare words cant express my gratitude for your service and sacrifice for me and all your countryman. GOD Bless you . You are a true live hero and I want to thank you for sharing your intimite experience with us all.

  2. The common thread that runs through these experiences is that those of us who have had them always burst into tears when trying to recount it. Sometimes word just fail.
    Its like touching a deep nerve in your heart remembering the love and compassion, how like a child you accepted everything said to you – and then it comes true. God bless Shilo Harris.

  3. Thank you young man for your service and I hope and pray that you continue to use your NDE to bless other soldiers and civilians thru whatever God has blessed you with. Just from this short video you sound like an amazing person simply just to talk to if nothing else. God gives everyone a talent on something in our lives and what your NDE experience with the man who simply said the only thing you understood for now which is “Everything will be ok” I believe are the words that someone in your life now needs to hear and once that is accomplished you’ll pick up more vivid memories each time you help others. Praise Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that you’re ok.