She Went To The Black Void During Her Near Death Experience

She Went To The Black Void During Her Near Death Experience

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This podcast guest is Jennifer Dean. Jennifer expert an NDE in the course of treatments employed to deal with her Leukemia. She experienced a serious adverse response to her treatment options which threw her into a vegetative point out. Jen was in and out of consciousness and upon drifting out of consciousness she experienced a near death experience the place was taken to a loving peaceful void. Shortly just after she miraculously woke up from this point out, she made a entire recovery.

Jen has little by little built-in her NDE experience and other spiritual experiences above quite a few a long time, with just after outcomes like out-of-body experiences, elevated intuition, and a occupation as a healer.

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  1. That's such a sin here's this poor little girl, so sick, putting her faith in the Dr, as she was suffering in her own hell, I'm sure that is a horrible feeling, she had no idea how strong she was (is), when she was blacking out, I'm sure it was her higher power, taking her out of her body, so she could survive this, I live not to far from chop and children come from all over the world to be treated there, but I don't think the Dr's saved her life, I think she has divine power from within and with her, God bless you, and you definitely have a purpose in this life that's why you survived to do what you're doing.

  2. Why is it God blesses some people with wonderful experiences like this. I have been on a non-stop diet of medication, research, reaching out to God/Source for some sign. And nothing. Am I the only person who feels this way? So lonely and confused.

  3. If you are catholic. Why consulting a psychic? Is not Jesus Christ enough to heal you? Not all spirits comes from God, mixing spirits is not good. Been faithful to Jesus is key to survive. Pray and fast

  4. God does love you; he loved you enough to send his only begotten Son to die for your sins and then he rose again. You need to put your faith in Christ so that the multitude of demons that are deceiving you into believing that you have powers that they’re simply channeling through you are cast out. Satan knows that our pride is a doorway that he can use to take us captive. The orbs and clairpresience are sure signs of demon possession. Fortunately you’re young and you have until the moment you do die to trust Christ. The energy is ramping up, though, possibly because the personal return of Christ is very near. I hope you will be found “in him” on that day and your beloved family and friends as well.