She Was Told About Her Future During Her Near Death Experience

She Was Told About Her Future During Her Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience podcast visitor 530 is Dolly Safran, who for the duration of her near death experience saw her grandmother. For the duration of her next NDE experience a spirit was with her in the hospital.

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  1. Nice lady. Always good to keep an open mind and heart. Gargoyle? I think she felt bad she just whacked BIG BIRD (Owl) and in her head, she decided it was a gargoyle to deal with what she just did. It's ok, it hit you. Stuff happens, lol

  2. Another wonderful guest, her messages are simple but important, our brain and body are a conductor for our spirit and it is limited in how much it can conceive. When we connect to our soul we open the communication sensors in our subconscious and allow our spiritual voice to be known to our thinking mind. Baby steps of trusting intuition will awaken your own intuitive voice too.

  3. I DID IT! I THINK I DID IT! I just completed the honor and task of binge-watching ALL of Jeff's interviews. It's taken me months as I've been watching 1 or 2 a night. From them, I've gained enormous insight and affirmation. I deeply appreciate the host, his guests, and the topic. Thank you.

  4. Hello Jeff and Mara. Hello Dolly.
    Settling in now for a listen. Missing my nightly NDE sessions during the past few busy weeks. I always enjoy them so much.

    Have a beautiful weekend. Xoxo

  5. On the subject of pets, I wonder why pet dogs sometimes maul their owners to death. There are cases reported in the media on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes the owner’s children, neighbours, visitors or people passing by outside are attacked. I wonder what Dolly’s perspective would be on this.

  6. Interesting. However, everyone is “starseed” we are made of the same stuff. It’s just a silly name new agers came up with to separate themselves and to feel and look special. Its just another distraction from truth. Its almost as dumb as using pronouns. As if you aren’t enough.

  7. I’d be interested to know how she feels about the biblical paradigm? In other words, everything she saying about source and all of that is completely contrary to the Bible. In fact, in the Old Testament anyone that tried to contact the spirit realm was put to death, in the law of Moses. So, is the Bible wrong? Are those guidelines given by that God false? Because it’s kind of one of the other. This is the big question, is Yahweh God, is Jesus the son of God? Because if he is if they are, then everything she’s doing saying and learning is considered very dangerous and illegal immoral activity. Or, is the Bible wrong, how we’ve been deceived by the Jewish and Christian narrative?. Is the stuff she’s teaching just a deception to pull us away from the truth of the Bible? These are really the questions I think most people are seeking answers to. Personal feelings about this or even personal experiences don’t really count, was Iss falls falls. The question is, which is true

  8. I think Ms. Safran is one of the first wave of volunteers who came to earth to help us ascend to the 5th dimension aka the New Earth. See Dolores Canon and her book, "The Three Waves of Volunteers". The volunteers are not from Earth, and this is their first time here. Call her and tell her to read that book.

  9. Everything she has said is so true! I know it's hard for our brains to possibly comprehend but we are only on earth to learn but the universe is so huge!! That the more we learn here the less we know!! Thank you for your testimony!! We need to keep an open mind. Religion has no clue we are intertwined and love is everything. With boundaries! This is honestly the only thing I've seen come good out of the Internet with everything that's going on in the world. And how hard would it be to experience something like this and share it? I know everything she is saying has so much truth to it!!!