She Was Shown The Coming Pandemic During Near Death Experience

She Was Shown The Coming Pandemic During Near Death Experience

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Podcast guest 204 is Nitrell Townsend. Through her near death experience in 2015 she was demonstrated the pandemic by the Arcturians before it happened. Also throughout her nde experience she was revealed exactly where she would live in the potential!

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  1. Nitrell you are gifted by linage handed down from her grandmother, and is why her grandmother fully accepted the christian principles to keep you all protected from any negative elements, as a New Zealander I had to listen intently, but very powerfull and informative. Starseed certainly agree with you.

  2. Nitrell did a great job explaining her story. God hears all our prayers. 🙂 Randomy, I was just reading Davinci Code today, its interesting she mentioned Jesus and Mary Magdalene too. Such a coincidence. Seems like the Divine can trigger memories in people at any time in a lot of these experiences. Ppl recall stuff at the right time. <3 Where is Nitrell's website or channel? Yes, News/TV is all lies- yep.

  3. Interesting. Jeff, thank you so much for your channel, it has literally assisted in changing my life. You mentioned an earlier podcast where a girl had been taken underground in California… do you remember which podcast that was?

  4. I was sick in December/January 2019, really sick like flu and cold symptoms, and it felt bad. I was shortly after that the news was saying a sickness in China, but I did not put it together, all I could think about was my Niece who lives in China and prayed she was okay, but I also remember having a moment that stopped me in my tracks, (before they said any talk of Covid) literally stopped me in my tracks, as I was I was taking a step and suddenly stopped, it was a feeling of something going to happen, it was like something wicked this way comes, and in my head I had a thought, repeating “dodging bullets”. I have always wondered what that means as When I have repeating thoughts, it has meaning, but I am thinking it has to do with Russia and Ukraine, but the feeling something bad was coming was Covid.