She Was HIT By A TRUCK and Had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE – Felice DiMartino 127

She Was HIT By A TRUCK and Had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE – Felice DiMartino 127

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Today’s Guest is Felice DiMartino. She experienced a near death experience when she was hit by a substantial truck even though crossing the avenue and these days we will discuss about her NDE experience and dwelling a new standard with enhanced extrasensory qualities, frequency and vibration.

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  1. Jeff, you get my vote for the best interviewer ever. Your deep mellifluous, reassuring voice is soul-soothing, your lack of judgement, your gently probing but not presumptuous questions, your sense of psychology (love how you say: "There are some things NDE-ers won't say publicly is there anything you'd normally hold back that you'd like to share? — you obviously figured as I do that this lady was increasingly holding noting back). and last but not least the lack of editing, that give your interviews authentic feel. I'm disappinted she didn't talk more about God, however. ,

  2. Near death hallucinations are not real death. From Prime television, on the program "Science of Death," came the following words (verbatim). "Hours, even days, after the official death of their owner, stem cells, protected deep within the brain are still alive. Even after a week after death has been pronounced, they possess the power to heal disease in a living person."

  3. I believe in NDE and love listening to other people stories. My mom had NDE without even knowing it. She saw herself from the ceiling during surgery.
    I was at a low point in my early 20s. I came home from my university and was begging God in tears to take my life. I couldn’t take it anymore. I put my head into a pillow and thought I would fall asleep and just stop breathing. Instead I had a very bright and realistic vision, like another reality. I remember as if just it happed. I was visited by a being, who looked like my deceased cat 14 years ago, and we had a discussion, so powerful and it was happening telepathically. He explained so many things. Everything seemed so clear! And I begged him to take me with him. I never felt so loved in my entire life, like I felt in that vision. But he calmed me and promised that I will experience the love I felt with him by my side in this life on earth. Two months later I met my husband and we fell for each other. I never thought I could love someone the way I love him and the love is just like the love I experienced in that dream-vision. I did wake up that day obviously with my head turned to the side. Ever since then I have seen precognitive dreams and visions. My husband has also developed pre cognitive vision after he met me.

  4. Great video!!and thank you again for all your work Mr. Jeff.
    You can tell she is a teacher lol I don’t really like the teacher type w emphasizing the last syllableeeesss like we are 5 yr olds. Lol

  5. @22.45 regarding thinking about being hit by a car: Bill Buckner the Red sox first baseman, days before committing the most famous "error" in Baseball history, spoke about such an error, in an interview.

  6. Hi Jeff there's a lady named Angie that wrote a book called Beyond The Darkness , she committed suicide back in 1991 and it's a real amazing NDE , if you already interviewed her no worries , I wanted to let you know , maybe she will come on your show , her story is amazing brother . Take care hope your well.

  7. Jeff,

    Thanks for the new show.. I have the distinct feeling you're overdoing yourself and burning yourself out. There's a tired, jaded quality about your being and your words which leads me to think that you are slowly becoming anesthetized by all your immersion in nde experiences and the rather unusual population that has had them.

    Perhaps it's time for a vacation, and I ate it, in which to assimilate and recharge yourself, even though your pocketbook might tell the difference. The last thing you would want to do is allow your supposedly spiritual intentions to be diverted by mere monetary gain.

    The word to the wise.. you don't look very good to me!

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  10. I remember instantly I knew everything about all the universes and I said ,wow I can’t believe I forgot all this and the feeling of pure love nothing like what humans feel ,I managed to bring that feeling back for years for a few seconds then it faded and I’ve been chasing it ever since ,that’s why I’m here now x

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