She Was Harassed During Her Near Death Experience By Strange Beings!

She Was Harassed During Her Near Death Experience By Strange Beings!

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Today’s visitor is Joy Mitchell. She experienced 2 near death experiences. A single NDE experience was just after she swallowed a complete bottle of capsules.

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  1. You are an inspiration to everyone Joy after enduring a traumatic life, I do admire your trust in your step grandfather and step dad, it is not the first time I heard that America will suffer from a civil war, I only hope America allies will protect any intrusion from China and Russia while dealing with internal strife. Another great interview Jeff, you are a great listener because you show an involvement by asking key questions that ignite more information to flow.

  2. Wow! Thank you soo much for sharing this! ❤️ I'm sorry your childhood was so difficult. You have learned sooo much and are a wonderfully adjusted women. GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO WE! I especially appreciated and loved the part where you said with conviction.. "there is something else" after this. Wow!!! We're ALL listening to nds stories to here that became it's what we're all seeking….That answer to the ultimate human question. Take care hun.

  3. @JeffMara As a courtesy to sensitive viewers, in the future please consider putting in the title, “WARNING — EXTREME ABUSE: This video contains descriptions of child abuse – For Mature Audiences Only”
    For those who were severely abused as children, these stories can trigger PTSD/depression episodes.

  4. This reminds me of jinn. May Allah ﷻ protect her. There are Christian jinn, Jewish jinn, atheist jinn etc.. Very diverse like us.

    Sister in humanity, it sounds like someone has done sihr on you, black magic. Please listen to some Qur'an, meet a Muslim Imam. Even if you don't want to, do it anyways, force yourself. They'll be kind towards you as well. until then, listen to "ayatul kursi" from the Qur'an on speaker. If you happen to see this message and heed it, tell the Imam you saw a Muslim hear your story and they told you to check and see if you have sihr/some sort of possession. This is of utmost urgency.

  5. It is important not to live in fear; our destiny is to leave our earth suit! So why live in fear? We will always go home to a certain plane, either figure out what we figured out in the earth life and come back to another life and so on and so forth; reincarnation is real! It is difficult to not live in fear because of this earthsuit but it is doable, consistent meditation is the key, at least that is my belief system and I’m sticking to it!!!