She Was Electrocuted & Had A Near Death Experience – Tatev 450

She Was Electrocuted & Had A Near Death Experience – Tatev 450

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Podcast visitor 450 is Tatev who experienced a near-death experience immediately after being electrocuted. Through her NDE experience she listened to her aunts voice.

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  1. Christianity is not a religion, it is a personal relationship with Jesus. I get the sense that you carry with you a lot of hostility to religion do to perhaps the legalistic religious teachings of others. I don’t understand how after your NDE that you can still be in favor of killing the pre born. (You made a negative reference to the Texas bill regarding abortion.) Is murder okay in the sprite realm? And what necessitates a mother to kill her unborn child? Shouldn’t we resist evil. If taking the life of another is not evil, then I don’t know what evil is. How is abortion loving and consistent with your NDE experience? Maybe you only experienced your own fantasy realm, not the spirit realm. The lack of personal transformation of some NDEs makes me concerned regarding the validity of their experience (though they believe it to have been real). I would appreciate it if you can help connect these pieces for me.

  2. This surely is an absolutely terrifying place. I fully understand why she didn’t want to come back. I’ve had dreams of levitating and flying and going probably as fast is the speed of light toward the heavens. it’s such a wonderful feeling. I wish I could have one every night. When it first started happening the second I got scared I thought about where I was going at immediately crashed back into my body. I could feel my spirit jolt my body up and down.

  3. Jeff, maybe you can ask these nde's folks if they can see colors, smell, using their senses? And they loose a sense of time? She said it took like 7 to 10minutes but was it longer in the nde experience?

  4. I watch every podcast and I look to them for hope being as I have about 3 years left of life. But when your guest starts with I don’t know if I was 12 or 13 I just say nope now I can’t watch it because it’s not believable. The most significant event that will happen in her lifetime and she doesn’t know how old she was? So sad for those of us wanting to believe.

  5. There is the nde of "Joseph Atzmüller" in german, where he describes the same feeling- he bekame the melody of a song, he was the rain drop etc. Very similar to her wonderful description. Maybe we are surroundet of loving souls in every breath we take, just witout knowing it.

  6. O man, I love how she's brimming with peace, creative abundance, centeredness, assuredness, love and confidence! I immediately believe her nde story, because of the obvious congruity in her expression. What a great and inspiring way of being. Thank you, Jeff, for this.