She Saw Other People's Life Reviews During Her Near Death Experience- Amirah Hall 417

She Saw Other People's Life Reviews During Her Near Death Experience- Amirah Hall 417

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Podcast visitor 417 is Amirah Hall who experienced a near-death experience in Egypt. Through her NDE experience she could examine the power fields of the other men and women in the home.

Amirah Hall is an global spirit medium and a entire world-course psychic mentor, intuitive everyday living mentor, writer, and quantum healing pioneer. For the previous 22 several years, Amirah has focused herself to giving profound insights, spiritual equipment, and advice to seekers likely as a result of their ascension course of action. She healed herself of an automobile-immune ailment, then acquiring a near-death experience when touring in Egypt she stepped on to her life reason, mentoring shoppers all-around the globe mend bodily, mentally and emotionally. She has a master’s degree in Metaphysical Science and is the creator of “REVEAL, A Chakra Healing Intense Application & Intuitive Mastery Education Opening 3rd Eye & Outside of. Amirah’s the creator of 3 textbooks, Manifesting Miracles 101, Love UP Your Life, and The Necessary Information To Spiritual Awakening. Amirah is committed to helping you to master everyday living on each degree with all her guides, teaching and guided spiritual journeys to Egypt.

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  1. Seriously ? She knows ALL the cosmic buzzwords ! Great , just when I thought we were running out of Spiritual Gurus , we got another Special Alien Advanced Light Being . Thank you , Baba Rum Raisin .

  2. What an interview! She's got me asking myself "what would I do with a more open receptivity to my spiritual tools"! I had a college instructor, who at the time was working on decoding the human genome, and she was so clear and understandable that I wished she could teach me all my classes. I get that same feeling from Amerah here! Thank you for what you do! It would be awesome if our paths crossed!

  3. 32:10 We have to dig ourselves out of our own misery first (before we can help others do so), yes this makes more and more sense over the decades I have been hearing this message in different ways. There is the airline oxygen training on every flight that reminds us to see to ourselves first before we see to those who depend on us.

    We are no good to others if we are burnt out or dead, especially if they are too weak or little to do for themselves at that point. It’s not an easy lesson to learn for anyone who is any kind of caretaker. Lead the way is the paradigm shift that helped me mostly understand.

    I am wondering if the person who got so upset when you said no to the pot (I am allergic to it and wonder how he would react to me!) changed his attitude about such things after your nearly dying from going against what you had wanted just to appease him.

    35:46 Managing our energy field!! Best explanation and guidance (37:28) I have ever heard. This is really helpful! I love using analogies, and one could use the scan and defrag analogy for help in cleaning oneself up too.

    Thank you Amirah for sharing your healing Light journey with us all.

  4. she says that everyone has empathy but that's not true because Psychopaths, and sociopaths don't have empathy, and narcissists lack empathy. They also lost their sense of self, and can not be healed according to experts in the psychology fields. How does that come into play with them tuning into consciousness?