She Saw her Angels in her Near Death Experience! | Susan Walter Near Death Experience

She Saw her Angels in her Near Death Experience! | Susan Walter Near Death Experience

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She Observed her Angels in her Near Death Experience! | Susan Walter Near Death Experience

This is section 1 of Susan Walter’s Near Death Experience story!
Here’s the url to portion 2:

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  1. Hi Melissa! I have asked more questions about universalism in facebook/sms. I would love if you answered them, because I love both you and universalism and Jesus!

  2. This is the way our ancients and still, some yogis in India live. They are always in communication with the divine. With brutal invasions and the introduction of alien cultures and education, this is slowly dying.

    Now we are being introduced to these very things that were our breath by those who went through NDE. Your Source Field #3 portrait is what is found in all the ancient temples. The very temples ignorant and narrow-minded people called India/Hindus called satan worshippers or devil worshippers or idol worshippers.

  3. Very sweet interview., but it's freaking me out how the paintings on the wall are shaking and moving up and down like there's an earthquake going on. So weird how it's doing that!!!
    Beautiful paintings by the way!

  4. Celestial beings don’t show their faces unless you are ready to stay in heaven and you qualify to remain there. The scripture says, no one has seen the face of God and live. These beings have faces, they just have a veil over them.

  5. Don’t ever think that demons won’t pretend to be benevolent, or that small children cannot become possessed. Padre Pio who made all sorts of claims such as being able to be in two places at once, was reported to have had glowing orbs above his crib! Only one remedy: trust Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation because he died for your sins and rose again.

  6. Hi Melissa, thank you for your channel! I am so fascinated by the content you have, especially people's NDE's. This one reminds me of Akiane. Are you familiar with her story? It would be great if you could interview her.

  7. 1st nde story i didn't believe, alot doesn't add up, especially her saying jesus was a common name when he was alive..nooooo….he didn't go by jesus….j wasn't a letter till a few hundred years ago, be fore that is was iesus , sus like zues meaning of god which wasn't given till he was crucified . Other claims also but too much to type.