She Pleaded To Come Back During Her Near Death Experience

She Pleaded To Come Back During Her Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience guest 591 is Cassandra who in the course of her NDE experience she was in a diverse realm wrapped in blankets of like.

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  1. My body is exhausted had metal poisoning for my almost all family friends except 5 people abandoned me lost my family house son I will never live another life in a lower consciousness undeveloped world again mission complete and never again have about 6 months left on this body worlds are a direct reflection of creators controllers owners this world mostly negative some amazing positive things

  2. I believe in love she saids not organised religion
    What's your definition of love dear ?
    Traditional faith in Christianity is a defined examined mutually experienced encounter with love
    Your ignorance simplicity naivety and arrogance is the issue not the traditional faith of your father you've ignored

  3. I am so grateful to Cassandra for sharing her beautiful story. I also was healed just by admiring the beauty of nature. I felt so much appreciation for gods magnificence as if in a state of worship that i suddenly felt a sensation of liquid lava running slowly up my arm, down my back and settling in my abdomen where yrs prior i was told i needed a deep scope for precancerous cells. I ignored that and i have since had a perfect paps. I nvr questioned my healing and i never asked for it either. Just something that happens when you are in a state of love. Its a frequency that puts you into homeostasis. Where we belong. Thku for the share. Blessings.

  4. She said right after her experience she wondered if it was an hallucination, but later when Jeff asked her if it felt “more real than real”, she said yes it did. Which is it, did it feel like a possible hallucination, or something definitely NOT an hallucination? Inconsistent in her account.

  5. She said it felt like she was arguing with the other Light being for days before it agreed she could go back. Shouldn’t the Light being know right away? Why all the back and forth? She seemed to be describing frustration during this process, but I thought she was wrapped in a blanket of such love she never felt before? She seemed adamant she wanted to go back, this differs from many accounts where the person feels like they are home and don’t want to go back. Even the Light being said she was home and basically implied she didn’t need to go back so her “mission” in life was basically ended. This supposedly incredible “love blanket” didn’t seem to be all that effective as she had no desire to stay there and argued for what seemed like days while in its presence.