She Learned About Jesus During Her Near Death Experience

She Learned About Jesus During Her Near Death Experience

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This podcast guest is Anjii Bryers. Anjii had a near death experience thanks to ruptured tonsils. All through her NDE experience she traveled by means of tunnels and wormholes and encountered a light getting.

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  1. Anjii, Jesus Christ is the Son of God…He is the Way, Truth, and the Life and Light. Search the scriptures. There is an extremely famous street preacher in California. His name is Ray Comfort. He has lived here for many years, but he is from New Zealand. His wife is too. I think you said that you are from New Zealand. He is on YouTube. He is very insightful. I hope you will look him up. You are a lovely woman. Some of the things you believe in…I don't believe, but we are humans and I would never judge you. God bless you and I pray you have a good Godly life! I am glad you got out of the Mormon church. Anjii, is it possible that, that passageway that you remember about being in the hands of murders…was from the Mormon church? Perhaps, it was from your dad. I have researched the Bible, and I, too, can't find it. Hitler was a monster, Anjii!

  2. Did this woman ever listen to the word salad of Biden? Or about Hillary Clinton talking about putting Trump supporters in "Fun Camps"? She doesn't think this is like Hitler? Does she notice the Biden's connections with China and how they sold out America for a buck? Or how Biden is bringing down America with the high fuel costs and inflation and allowing all the co-vid disease to enter through our southern border or order to bring down America financially and health wise? Or how the VP incites violence and looting while dismembering the police force. This woman is still under the propaganda influence of the media and a bigoted political party. She even thinks Hitler did some good in bringing about more race awareness. She is that demon she manifested in that alley and dressed up as a woman.

  3. With the amount of abuse I have had to endure in life AND from the spirit world, I truly do not believe I planned it. Maybe spirits and guides tell people that to make them feel better about the crap they've had to deal with on Earth. I don't know but I just refuse to believe that anyone who loves me would allow me to plan the absolute horror I have gone through and continue to go through

  4. That sounds so deep and profound but I will never EVER BELIEVE THAT ABUSE EQUALS LOVE. I'm happy for her that she was able to though but also kind of pissed that she believed it. But then, I'm still in it, receiving abuse from the spirit world and being told that it's "my plan." It's probably a lot easier looking back when it's in the past. Not easy, but maybe easier than when you are in it

  5. I love how she uses animal communication with traumatized animals. I rescue as well and use an animal communicator as soon as I bring a new dog in. The changes are profound and positive. I wish more people would get it.