She Has Heart Attack & Encounters The GRIM REAPER!

She Has Heart Attack & Encounters The GRIM REAPER!

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Near-death experience podcast visitor 575 Alice Adamek who encountered the grim reaper through her NDE experience. Alice has a e book called My Journey After Death: I Saw The Other Side.

:00 Backstory
8:42 NDE Starts
37:56 Thoughts & Solutions

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  1. I never stopped smiling throughout this interview. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. And thank you Jeff for yet another great interview. Her Questions were perfect and the answers resonated. I loved the analogy of the puzzle pieces. Made so much sense.

  2. This one really makes you think. So much of her story related to my thoughts and feelings about the afterlife. Can’t put my finger on it but I really connected with this one. I have some work to do before I go. This helped me diagnose the mission.
    Wonder guest and as always Jeff a fantastic show.

  3. Mr Jesus with the Christ would not approve of this. You’d burn in hell for believing in what this lady has to say. Thank the universe, I’m not Christian or Muslim or any of that recycled trash.