She Had A Near Death Experience During a Home Invasion

She Had A Near Death Experience During a Home Invasion

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My visitor is Nathalie de Wet, International award winning artist who has sold her get the job done across the earth considering the fact that 1996. She survived an attack in 1999 and all through the ordeal she experienced a near-death experience. During her NDE experience she encountered Jesus

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  1. Did you know that the Scriptures tell us that the dead are not conscious of anything! Ecclesiastes 9:5,10! When a person dies they return to the dust, the spirit returns to God, Ecclesiastes 12:7! Ezekiel 18:4,20 says that the soul dies! So what is left to experience either joy or suffering? Nothing! The future hope for the dead is the resurrection! John 5:28,29! Job 14:14,15! In order to receive everlasting life, either here on earth, Psalm 37:29; Matthew 5:5; Proverbs 2:21,22, we must worship the Father with spirit and truth, John 4:22-24! Psalms 83:18; Isaiah 42:8!

  2. Thank you Nathalie ❤️ ❤️❤️ and Jeff ❤️❤️❤️! Super authentic and enlightening interview! I have downloaded and read the last half of Nathalie’s book—I started at chapter 13 (where she describes her NDE)—I really like the way she writes-it’s very authentic— just like this interview. I look forward to reading the first part soon. Blessings and Grace to you all! Love!!!❤️❤️ ❤️

  3. Wow wow wow. This was powerful, and so very very relatable for me personally. Mainly the way Jesus revealed Himself to her even though she didn’t have the framework reference of ‘religion’ or christianity. He showed Himself to her so authentically, this is not possible to make up. Though her retelling was longish, I’m so grateful to you Jeff for giving this beautiful woman the time and space to simply tell it in her own way and pace. So succinct in it’s message. Thankyou from my heart to yours. My favourite NDE’s on here are ALWAYS the ones that talk about Jesus. He is my everything too. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I really enjoyed this show when Nathalie talked about Jesus. I'm a Christian and I saw Jesus's face one time and He was smiling at me. I saw Him much like Nathalie did with dark brown shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes and He was a white Jewish man. Before I saw Him I always imagined Him to have light brown hair and blue eyes but also with white Anglosaxon skin color. I've heard different believers that have seen Him say they saw Him in different ways, some African Americans say they see Him as being black and other's in different nationalities have said different things, mainly in their own nationality. I've come to the conclusion that Jesus shows Himself to appear to each person the way that Jesus knows that they desire Him to look, and it's because of Jesus's love for each person. If He appeared in one nationality it could cause some others to get offended that He wasn't their nationality, so He allows people to see Him in part, as their own nationality. I say , "in part" because He won't appear to look just like any other god, like buddah or mohammad, or any other god. He's Jesus and He Loves each person, and He loves them so much He died for everyone, but He gives everyone the choice to accept Him or not. And for those who'll accept Him they will have a glorious and fun eternity filled with joy and love and so much more goodness! God bless Nathalie for sharing her story, and God bless you Jeff for having your podcasts. I watch many of them!

  5. All good but back to religious Christian dogma. To me its just another pitch, that you need Jesus and all that. Just so disrespectful to any other path to the one Spirit that is within all of us. And where is the unconditional love.

  6. Born and breed in south africa Never in my life has a male gardener walk into me he or any household I know .That was pure negligence and lax of security which is not the norm for south africa .Only one that has freedom to walk within the house during working hours are the domestic..
    Anyway too drawn out and if one not able to disclose all then perhaps not come onto this post .