She Got Rid Of All Her Possessions After Her Near Death Experience – Sash Johnson 456

She Got Rid Of All Her Possessions After Her Near Death Experience – Sash Johnson 456

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Podcast visitor 456 is Sash Johnson. Sash experienced a near-death experience thanks to a cardiac arrest. Throughout her NDE experience she noticed hundreds of thousands of souls converging into a ball of light.

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  1. When I first saw her, I thought she might be Native American! Really cool! I had watched hours about the Natives of America or the Indies! These were fascinating!
    And clearly she has not lost her mind. I think so, so many have had these experiences that it’s almost mainstream now!

  2. I find it interesting that you saw this magificent Light. And that you mention it is not your baptist upbringing. Yet, Your upbringing declares God IS Light. I wonder and would be interested to hear what about the short experience was not biblical. Or was not in your grandmothers teaching. Would be sad ifThe Light you were shown to confirm your Grammas teachings but you missed it

  3. I am soo grateful for this. I too had a N.D.E. in 1997. I never entered or encountered other entities, but watched, with much curiosity, others revive my lifeless body from above my body. It was incredible!
    What really brings me to tears however is Sashas story around her life with her immediate family and Christianity. Everyone in my family are "born again" and bc i do not follow their exact doctrine of faith i am apparently banished to hell. Although my faith in God is real and true, it is not enough for them. It has been a lifetime of heartbreak for me.
    Today, after this amazing story, me and my God and everything else i believe are moving away from these people and i am trusting God will help me find .." my tribe" and i am moving on. THANKU ❤❤❤

  4. I appreciate Sash your sharing about your childhood. Your experiences were helpful. I liked also how you got rid of everything and started over again. That was amazing that you went to Alaska by yourself. I could never do that. Wow!

  5. This channel is the best NDE channel on YouTube. I love how Jeff lets people tell their stories without interruption and is so compassionate to all his guests. Thanks Jeff. I cannot express what a tremendous service you're doing for NDEers and non NDEers alike.

  6. WOW! What a beautiful woman, spirit and soul. I'd like to thank her for sharing her life story and NDE experience. I'm so sorry the tragic experiences as a young child that no soul should experience but she has still turned out to such a amazing loving woman who has inspired me as an example that with my creator and savior I have the power to overcome life's struggles. Thank you Jeff for helping her share her story. It was a blessing and I wish her and Steve a long and happy life together,

  7. No nde here. There has just always been an intuitive knowing of the knowledge that she has received since I was little. Always felt like an outsider like I don't belong. Cool with it today. I have the whole universe to consult and interact. Thank you Angels and Spirit Guides.

  8. What a wonderful experience- thank you for sharing!! Sending you strength & wishing you much healing. Please do write a book about your NDE! Funny as I thought about being a transition dula too as so many people are facing the end of their life are shushed by family who tell them they’ll survive (trying to be positive) etc. I think people need a person who can talk about what’s next (the afterlife) and someone whose had an NDE could help people so much ❤️