She Felt Completely Safe During Her Near Death Experience

She Felt Completely Safe During Her Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor 236 is Mary Bergstrom. Mary had a near death experience owing to a coronary heart attack. All through her NDE experience she felt totally protected.

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  1. It's already been said but I just wanted to echo how good this interview is. Jeff is a brilliant host and interviewer and Mary is an exceptionally good subject. Thank you for posting – much appreciated.

  2. Great woman… She's aware of the power of prayer and the intention. She as well targeted some thing that is under rated, the small acts of kindness. Thanks Jeff for the work you do.

  3. This was a perfect "real" experience and discussion…. thanks Jeff for mentioning to these people that they could help people that have lost loved ones by telling them something positive about their experience that they know. I lost my daughter less than a year ago and every time I watch a very real experience or explanation of what it's like there…. I feel peace knowing that my child is immersed in love… I love the questions you ask and the humor you use at times perfect combination you better not stop doing this!!! Haha