She Encountered A Council Of Light Beings During Her Near Death Experience – Shawna Ristic 310

She Encountered A Council Of Light Beings During Her Near Death Experience – Shawna Ristic 310

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Podcast visitor 310 is Shawna Ristic. Shawna Ristic is a nationally recognized healer who shares the story of her Near Death Experience when, at 19, just after getting in a coma for a number of weeks and changed the class of her everyday living. Throughout her NDE, she satisfied a Council of vibrational beings, that she will work with to this working day, and awakened to the appreciate that is the fabric of almost everything and the essence of every single of us. Upon awakening from the coma, Shawna recognized she experienced arrive to earth to support persons recover and discover their way house, back to consciousness of Appreciate, and established out on a path to do that. While the mystical experiences Shawna experienced throughout her NDE remodeled her lifetime and ongoing to influence nearly every factor of it, she did not publicly communicate of this component of her experience. She as an alternative shared only about her miraculous physical restoration and ongoing functioning one-on-one particular with clients in her private place of work in Kansas. Even so, in 2013, a chance meeting inspired her to share her comprehensive experience, resulting in a undertaking and shift to California in 2015 where by she uncovered a like-minded community as a result of IANDS (the International Association of Near Death Scientific studies) and started to overtly converse about the totality of her experience. After much more than 20 yrs of honing her healing skills, Shawna now feels ready to communicate openly about her NDE and the realizations it has introduced to her life and the lives of some others.

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  1. Jeff, outstanding interview! I am not at all sure how to spell her name because she talks pretty fast. Can you write that in a reply to me? Thanks! I am so glad you have put this channel up. Up, where we need resonating content. P.S. check out Michael Tamura. He has quite a few NDE with amazing credentials. Blessings, Diana

  2. She has fascinating eyes, reminds me of many women in paintings from the renaissance. In that time, many women used the juice of the berries of Belladonna in eyedrops intended to dilate the pupils. Watching this video was like you were watching a renaissance painting of a woman and suddenly the woman started speaking and she kept on speaking about fascinating things, extraordinary. She is very well grounded and authentic, very intelligent and has a strong heart. Thanks Jeff and Shawna <3

  3. Jeff…please read. Have you considered writting book. You have witnessed many of these experiences and could inform and catorigize common and varying examples and other items that could reflect your summation on a topic so many have an interest in. Consider it please