She Could See Through the Eyes of Everyone who Had Ever Existed | Anastasia Near Death Experience

She Could See Through the Eyes of Everyone who Had Ever Existed | Anastasia Near Death Experience

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She Could See As a result of the Eyes of All people who Ever Existed | Anastasia Wesselink Moellering Near Death Experience

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This is Section 1 of my job interview with Anastasia Wesselink Moellering about her near death experience!
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  1. So how long did it take her to “see” thru everyones eyes. Let’s do some math shall we…let’s say she spent one second…in each of say ONLY 8 billion peeps…about 250 years…is everyone here taking awesome drugs like this gal was? Could anyone send me some???

  2. The connection was with yourself where your doubt was t in the way,and you’re slowly sinking back into your insecurity of who you really are. All,each and every experience happen to you,in you,with all you know or could perceive yourself. Always with you,never left you,can’t lose anything on return. Once you become one,which is any understanding you have, have to deny yourself not to be it. In saying that,it’s been more than a pleasure meeting you, in my mind,in my heart,is in person .

  3. I can read your experience like a book I wrote, I know what you weren’t saying,by what was left out. I saw your problem with understanding from the start,and you speaking the answer to it,and looking over yourself again. Who you were and where you went ,and what you learned and brought back,are the understanding of you,and you can’t be happier than to live with it.

  4. I am a 76 year old male college professor, former college professor now retired, and I have studied spirituality and philosophy and near-death experiences for decades. I have studied some of the great spiritual teachers of all time. You two Have some of the deepest insights I have encountered in my life. Anastasia has a unique take on reincarnation that she discusses on Jeff Mara podcast That has given me much pause for thought. Anyway both of you have very important things to contribute, thank you. Uh u

  5. A discussion about “heaven on earth” starts at 22:30… incidentally, just this afternoon (today 2022-1-29) I’ve received a revelation as I was meditating that it’s really “heaven on earth” right here right now… no need to wait for the afterlife to experience the “completeness” Anastasia was talking about. Wow!

  6. Does one not need to have been near physical death to have an experience accepted by the NDE community as an NDE? Mystical and transformational experiences can be facilitated by a variety of experiences/conditions/practices/substances, yes? Why not nitrous oxide.

  7. The void that Anastasia describes seems to be similar to what others who have had NDE describe, something like the Night of Brahma, a kind of universe of potential existence where unmanifest beings may emerge and manifest into reality.

  8. The first time I went to my dentist as an adult he gave me nitric oxide. I went out of my body and watched from above. I described it afterwards as having talked to God. The dentist never gave me nitric oxide again.

  9. I've had people post that there's no such thing as good and bad. I said, "So if I'm walking down the street and come across Charles Manson dismembering you in an alleyway, I should just continue walking and not be concerned?" And if I'm on the jury for your rape and murder, I should throw up my hands and say, "Ah, let him go. It doesn't matter?" That put a stop to that conversation. I guess the other side is another story, but you hear things like this and then other ones where people are in purgatory, trapped in some kind of Hell, so which is it? They can't have it both ways.

  10. I actually hope it's not like this, because I have no desire to be everyone that's ever existed. There is wonderful Joy in just being me and loving/appreciating those I love in what some would call a limited existence. Our little corner is quite enough for us and I wouldn't want to lose it or have to give up our perspective in order to be all knowing. A peak behind the curtain would be fine to improve our perspective, perhaps, as long as it doesn't ruin what we have, even if it is an illusion. Who would want to "be" God if it meant never knowing all the Wonder and Joy and Love that we have from just being "Us" together here?

  11. I had laughing gas once at the dentist's, and felt like I was tripping and leaving my body. I told the nurse she had given me too much, and she needed to turn it down. She did, but I will never do gas again. There was no pain, but who wants to be stoned while having their teeth drilled?

  12. one thing i would like to know – does our physical body have consciousness ? in other words, if there was no eternal light soul that incarnated into the human body, would that human body have any sort of consciousness ? would it feel pain, for example ?