She Came Back Completely Healed! | Karina Ferrigno Martinez Near Death Experience Part 2

She Came Back Completely Healed! | Karina Ferrigno Martinez Near Death Experience Part 2

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She Arrived Back Totally Healed! | Karina Ferrigno Martinez Near Death Experience Component 2

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This is the second aspect of my job interview with Karina Ferrigno Martinez, about her Near Death experience! The link to Portion 1 is here:

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  1. Mel,
    Just curious. When you hear someone speaking about hell during their NDE what are your thoughts from a universalist point of view? I guess my thought process is if everyone goes to heaven (I hope they will!) why the need for hell or a hellish experience? Thanks

  2. Love this lady.❤ I just felt sad, that in this void, she believed that she deserved hell. For everyone who reads this. Absolutely nobody deserves hell. We are gods children and like our parents will love us unconditionally no Matter what we do, gods love is eternal and if we do things on this planet that we regret we have all the forgiveness and an eternity to make it right, if we decide to.

  3. I really enjoyed the show and I'm glad that I ran across this! Can yall please pray for my family? We have gone through a rough year and my wife spent four months in the hospital with covid. She is now home, but confined to a hospital bed on oxygen. Her left side of her body took a beating. She has trigger finger in her left hand and she can't feel her left foot. Her lungs aren't improving and they are saying she may need a lung transplant. I'm worried for her and I'm worried for my soul. I have anxiety and I have considerate amount of ringing in my right ear. Please pray for her to be healed and for my soul to be delivered from darkness. This is my darkest hour that I have ever been in. Please please pray! Thank you so much! I would definitely love to encounter God myself. I never have.

  4. The people are Jesus's church, not a building. I had moments where I was thinking about going to one church or another. I think we try to do it in order to feel community and like-mindedness. When all you really need is just to be with God. God is always there waiting for you to acknowledge it. Unconditional love is unconditional.

  5. I have seen lots of these testimonies, and for people to try and put things in a rigid structure or system, like, every time someone dies in this way they have this or that happen for this amount of time…it is clear that God deals with all of us according to what He knows we need and will help us learn and grow and love like He loves. Some people need to go through darkness or suffering or fires of purification or trials, you cannot deny what God brings to His children and it is all because of His great great LOVE!

  6. I love how as I listen to so many wonderful testimonies of people experiencing afterlife, how you see the universal truths of the love and peace they experienced But I also love how there is also this beautiful uniquely personal aspects the individual comes away with changing their lives so beautifully. To me it shows me a little picture of the vastness of God yet the wonderful personal ness as his love is expressed through us.

  7. We are all sinners and fall short in God his glory – how to be saved – this is the gospel of salvation – 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 by trusting and believing the gospel of salvation you are saved and sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise till the day of redemption and nothing can pluck you out of the Father his hand – only by the shed blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we can be washed and cleansed from all of our unrighteousness – eternal security is a free gift – it's a promise and God Almighty cannot lie!!! Have a blessed day!

    Salvation is not getting your sins forgiven, it's believing they already ARE!

    This is the gospel of salvation – 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4
    Witnesses of Christ's resurrection. 1) Moreover,brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2) ''By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3) For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4) And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.

    IT IS FINISHED… Paid in Full !!! But, You Must BELIEVE IT – 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV.

    Religion is always dealing with you and what you're doing and what you're not doing,
    anytime you're sitting around thinking what should I be doing you're under religion,
    the grace of God is dealing what Christ did.
    Under religion man always says look what I'm doing for you God and under grace Christ says look what I did for you man.
    Under religion man says look how I went to church under the grace of God Jesus said look how I went to Calvary.
    Under religion man says look at how I was raised in my denomination and under grace Christ says look how I was raised from the dead.
    Under religion man says look at how I gave my money and under grace Jesus says look at how I gave my life.
    Under religion man says look God at how I confessed my sins and under grace Jesus says look man how I took away your sins.
    Under religion man says look God at how I stood up against sin and under the grace of God Jesus says look man at how I died for your sins.
    Under religion man says look God at how I judged the lost world and under grace Jesus says look man at how I saved the lost world.
    Under religion man says look God at how I got up and marched against these evildoers and under grace Jesus says look man how I suffered and died for evildoers.
    Under religion man says look God at how I bow down to you and under grace Jesus says look man and how I became one of you.
    Under religion man says look God at how I healed the sick and under grace Jesus says look man how I raised the dead.
    Under religion man says look God at how I spoke in tongues and under grace Jesus says look man at how I spoke in life.
    Under religion man says look God at how successful my life was and under grace Jesus says looked me at how successful my death was.
    Religions my friends is always man trying to reach up to God with self effort to be accepted by God.
    Through classic Christianity was God reaching down to man through Jesus with love and acceptance and that's why Paul said we preach Christ and Christ crucified a stumbling block to the Jews foolishness to the Gentiles but to those whom God has called both Jews and Gentile Christ the power of God and wisdom.

    Source ''Truth Time Radio''.

    Like many "Christians" today, Satan believes Jesus died on the cross, but not for HIS sins. He believes Jesus has risen, but not for HIS eternal life.

    Satan believes the event of the cross but never put his trust in Christ's finished work for salvation.

    Salvation is not: Believing there is a God. (Satan believes that)

    Salvation is not: Believing Christ was the Messiah. (Satan believes that)

    Salvation is not even… Believing Christ died, was buried and rose the third day. (Satan believes that also)

    Salvation is: Believing Christ died for YOUR EVERY SIN and trusting that He rose to give you eternal life IN HIM!

    Something Satan and most Christians want no part of because of their PRIDE!

    If denominationalists truly believed Christ forgave their sins, they wouldn't spend so much time trying to GET them forgiven.

    One tells you to pray for forgiveness.

    One tells you to confess for forgiveness.

    One tells you to believe for forgiveness.

    One tells you to repent for forgiveness.

    One tells you to be baptized for forgiveness.

    And keep in mind, all of these folk with a straight face will tell you Christ DIED for your sins. Welcome to Nutsville!!! I think Dorothy got lost on the yellow brick road.

    Today I unapologetically proclaim that there is only one way to be saved, and it has nothing to do with getting your sins forgiven. Salvations through FAITH. (Ephesians 2:8-9) Without faith it is impossible to please God.

    Salvation comes to those who are ready to give up on THEIR performance and rest their faith in JESUS' performance.

    The path to salvation is narrow. SO narrow that nothing you do will fit.

    Satan will never be saved for the same reason he was kicked out of heaven. P-R-I-D-E. (Isaiah 14:12-14)

    Read carefully and count how many times he says "I".

    How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

    Satan is obviously a Narcissist!

    Like a vain person in front of the mirror, five times in only three verses he boasts of himself. Pride keeps Satan from being saved as it does most of the world. They have fallen victim to SELFIANITY and are incapable of letting go and letting God. Incapable of taking their filthy hands off their salvation and allowing God to save them by HIS finished work!

    If you say — "I said a prayer for forgiveness." "I confessed for forgiveness." "I believed for forgiveness." "I repented for forgiveness." "I was baptized for forgiveness."

    Then sadly you have fallen for the five I's just like Satan.

    Salvation is not getting your sins forgiven, it's believing they already ARE!

    To be saved, you must first get "I" out of the way.

    Source ''Truth Time Radio'' for solid teaching/rightly dividing the word of truth – also here on youtube – learn the truth and unlearn the lies!

  8. she says it’s your choice, but how does this work within a universalist framework? it shows hell isn’t eternal but if it’s a matter of free will then how can God truly help people and get what he wants? too many people argue souls don’t change once they choose hell and there’s no more second chances after that decision (swedenborg)

  9. Is great to see you again Karina, I’m very joyful being able to see some changes in your behavior, you seem lot calmer and definitely your ego has been washing away, is very easy and extremely refreshing looking at your eyes and being able to tell that your internal pains and discomforts are being wash away, that is like a beautiful symphony to my soul, Jesus is definitely working on you and is very noticeable, I’m glad you and your family are doing amazing and keep it up, all is well and now you have the truth on your hands to spread to others, keep loving and be truthful and you can never go wrong again, Jesus is amazing and with his love all is possible, even the impossible is possible, I wish you well, Blessings

  10. "Re-ligare" is Latin for religion. Means to bind or reconnect with God. Today's society redefined it as a bad word cause they had a bad experience due to people in the community. Unfortunately this can happen in every aspect in our lives, at church, work and home. People will fail us but we shouldn't let it stop us from re-connecting(religion) with God in community. I believe we are all joined together in relationship. Yes forgiveness is so hard to do

  11. Her experience is still so fresh! Many talk about something that happened Long enough ago for them to really process it. But her emotions just are pouring out because she is still so overwhelmed by it. This is such a beautiful interview thank you

  12. What a beautiful testimony!! Karina, you brought tears to my eyes many times. I'm so happy for you! You are bringing so much of God's Love and Light into the world! Thank you Mel, for bringing these wonderful stories to us.

  13. It’s NOT about RELIGION, most of its hijacked by Rome and the Roman Empire, the very same killing machine of Empire the crucified Christ. The Royal Commandment is this, Love Others as your self! There too much religion and superstition in the Catholic and Latin world and Evangelical world. This lady is very advanced she’s so far ahead of many of us.

  14. So there’s a Dark Place, I wish not? Not all know how to get out? If they don’t know how TO CALL ON THE NAME of The Lord. The choice thing is an illusion, it’s not choice when your not in that head place of illusion.

  15. Medication isn’t evil! It’s a gift from God it is from our point of view in England. St Paul had illness. “If I’m going to die I’m going to die”. Headaches aren’t attacks? More superstition again. Luke the Apostle was a DOCTOR. The medical community is a gift from God, stop being scared of medical community. I can’t stand that. Science and God are compatible.