She Became One With God Durning Her Near Death Experience

She Became One With God Durning Her Near Death Experience

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This podcast guest is Nell Archer. Nell has had 7 near death experiences. In the course of one of her NDE experiences she encountered and became just one with God. She is also a starseed and has an additional-terrestrial Arcturian family.

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  1. Dolores Cannon wrote a lot about how alien beings would incarnate on earth to help raise the vibrational level and also act as antennas to send and receive signals. This is a very special soul! My thanks to her!

  2. She seems very genuine and sweet. And I know she believes what she saying but it just sounds like so much craziness. I mean almost mental illness. It’s really bizarre. It would be fascinating and awesome if we could somehow verify or prov what is really true

  3. The problem is, Christian is antithetical to Hinduism
    Jesus claimed HE was the ONLY. Way to God And there is only ONE. God
    Hinduism gas thousands of Gods
    She thinks they all lead to God
    So she’s not aware I guess if actual teachings of Christ

    How does she juggle those?

  4. She said that apparently there are more people alive today than have ever died. I used to use that quote, but have since found it refuted many places. Check out “living outnumber dead” on Snopes. She sounds completely accurate on everything else she says.

  5. Nell, you are AWESOME! This has been one of my favorite episodes. You're so down to earth, understandable and real! I can also relate to your not needing a partner, their ego, etc. I need my alone time and am not into gossipy drama. We are here to love, help, encourage and lift people up. Thank you for being so open with your story, and thank you Jeff for having her as your guest. Keep up the good work.

  6. I have been single for 13 years definitely can relate to this lady 🙂 I don’t want junk food and there’s nobody on this planet who understands me 🙂 during my between the lives regression my spirit counsel advised me that at some point in reincarnations u graduate grade school and you don’t need any more hand holding and then you have to do a single person PhD program that you go through life alone..

  7. Wow I had a similar experience than her, but she added details I really needed to hear and that’s so amazing how all of the testimonies kind of complete each others … This video might change my life in a sens, I’m just gonna meditate on my new pieces, that I was looking for, for years !! Thanks Nell Archer !!

  8. Thank you for this interview. Very great questions Jeff!
    Yes I am an eympath and it is so annoying picking up on peoples ego, vibes and agendas. Then I get angry because I know I will have to deal with them before it even happens and others watching are wondering why I am acting the way I am. So frustrating

  9. Wow I have always hated eating and using bathroom since a very young age. I always thought it was weird how other people were not the same as me. My whole life I have been so impatient with eating , drinking liquids and trying to ignore peoples agendas. That’s pretty much in a nut shell.

  10. Neil, absolutely sincere and credible. After 50 or more podcasts one knows it. No second thoughts. In the past I detected at least 2 that uuumm….oh no.
    Would've liked Jeff to ask Neil about :
    – If she's capable to recognize or feel other starseeds in Earth.
    – How could she recognize each one of the 12 levels of conciousness.
    – Her experiences communicating with animals.
    – In what level of conciousness did Jesus operate or Jesus belongs.
    – If she knows and believes as hindus do that other Jesus persona-like existed, currently exist and will exist.
    Jesus for hinduism is one of various avatars (avatara is a sanskrit word indeed meaning descent or "alight", a divine reincarnate or a soul who has been freed from maya or delusion) sent to Earth by the Source when human consciousness forgets about its humane essence darkening its Creation, so they help humanity by a specific but of utmost importance mission. Eg. there is an avatar whose mission is very anonymous and dwells permanently on Earth witouth dying for ages. Sometimes is seen, most of them isn't. Won't say his name.
    Most of the others are born and go (die) after accomplishing their purpose towards humanity like Jesuschrist.

  11. Hmm. How do you "accidentally" eat a sandwich or a hamburger bun? LOL Maybe she prefers being on the other side, as many do, so is purposely being careless with her celiac. My son has a peanut allergy, and we are excruciatingly careful to never allow even a trace or eat anything that says "may contain" or "manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts."