Sharon Milliman NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES Part 2 | What Happens to our Pets and Loved Ones?

Sharon Milliman NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES Part 2 | What Happens to our Pets and Loved Ones?

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Sharon Milliman NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES Part 2 | What Takes place to our Animals and Loved Ones?

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  1. I myself have had a NDE and since studied the subject immensely, also from a more or less scientific point of view since I am a physicist. Although it is obviously impossible to know for sure which of all the NDE stories on YouTube are fake and which are not, I do believe most of them are real and it is not often my alarms are triggered. But this is indeed one of those rare occasions; the more I watch Sharon Milliman, the more I get a feeling that she could in fact be fake. There are some specific statements that bother me, and I am not going to explain what those are, but will recommend viewers to study the her critically. I get a very strong feeling of distrust. I hope I am wrong about Sharon. But in the grand scheme of the NDE phenomena and the community it doesn't matter at all. A drop of oil in the ocean is not going to contaminate the ocean. NDE:s are real and God is real. God bless you all including Sharon.

  2. I had a dream that I was in the void and posted it on my YouTube Channel. In the dream I was sitting on the floor then sucked out of this world and into the void. God was there but I could not see God only hear his voice. He seemed like he was giant like several stories tall compared to me. He said I could heal and would show me. Then something happened and I healed a little. Then he said look you can now heal yourself. And the same thing happened and then all these little vibrations went all over me and I felt my internal self heal. Then I had this epiphany that I was super powerful and right when I started to have this awakening in the void God just about punted me out of it right back into this physical world. LOL