Sharleene Had 3 Near Death Experiences and Encountered God

Sharleene Had 3 Near Death Experiences and Encountered God

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This video’s podcast is Sharleene Anthony. She has 3 near death experiences. In the course of 1 of her NDE experiences she encountered God and then seemingly afterwards she finished up on a UFO before coming again to her body. I hope

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  1. Sharleene Anthony, I saw the same thing you did on an alien ship. The tank, the hybrid child, the gel/water, the 3 fingered beings. Everything. I was told it was time to meet my hybrid daughter. She looked as you described, big, round eyes etc.. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Is Sharleene from Napa? That’s my home town and I have a close friend that works at the State hospital. I really like this woman for some reason. Really beautiful energy. Also my in laws are Mormon and I spend a lot of time with them and the church and they are in fact the most spiritually open American religious group I’ve known. They believe what they teach as far as I’ve observed and they often tell stories of spiritual occurrences for the inspiration and encouragement of their members and loved ones. It’s one of my favorite things about this family. Anyway I love this woman and her story!

  3. Breath in the light of the mind, soft exhalation, letting go… Breathing ohm… It really can be ok, if you learn confidence in the light you are becoming.

    If someone loves you in the world, there is a chance for you to lead the way, by example of what love truly is. Love is the creative power of the spirit in all things, and patience can become an island (sanctuary) or a bridge (congregation)…

  4. Sharleene you're you're so adorable, childlike and sincere. I really enjoyed your interview and I can see why God would show you all these things: there is such a purity about you. Jeff thank you for your excellent interviewing skills, you're truly serving a great purpose and these interviews have changed me and my family completely. Thank you and God bless you and your family

  5. It sounds like, just a guess, while descending back to 3D she got stuck in the astral plane, 4D. Many, not all et type lifeforms are in 4d. They are in all dimensions, but her description sounds very astral. Astral plane experiences can be scary. Just a thought.

  6. It's not your fault honey, about the aliens. I'm glad you shared that with us ,about what you saw, the babies, the ship, everything. Other people have seen that too, you're not alone. I believe you. I never thought I would believe this stuff until recently (regarding the aliens). I believe everything you said. You're able to see things because of all of your NDEs. You're very sensitive to things that most people can't see and hear and someone who is experienced with this can maybe help you turn it off and on and deal with the stress of it. You're different and that's ok. You're special.

  7. The church don’t want to talk about it because they must stick with their dogma. If they promote your and other people real experience they cannot do their own brain washing techniques. This is why I don’t go to church. I don’t want them to tell me how to believe in god. My personal relationship between me and god is none of their business. Churches are there to force their belief on people and take their money. Unfortunately it’s not about love and god. It’s about controlling the messes and take their money. At least 99.9% of Churches. Weak people feel it’s necessary to belong to a church for guidance. Yeah! They will guide you to bring your money in the name of god.