Sandy Briggs' NDE: Embraced by God

Sandy Briggs' NDE: Embraced by God

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Sandy Briggs’ NDE: Sandy was in a deep depression and no longer wished to go on as she prayed and cried herself to snooze. Then she awoke to an extraordinary NDE in an indescribable Light. A big doorway opened as celestial new music played, and she was in ecstasy as she was embraced by God.

This interview was recorded at the IANDS Conference in Arlington, Virginia, in 2013.
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  1. I wish there was a more precise definition of "NDE". Thanaos TV from Germany does great interviews & those are legitimate "temporary" deaths. No pulse, no breathing, flatline HR on the screen….clinically dead….who somehow came back. No disrespect but going to bed crying & waking up in "the light" isn't a "Death Experience". Doesn't do justice to others on this channel who've had truly legitimate death experiences.