Robert & Suzanne Mays – The mind brain interface

Robert & Suzanne Mays – The mind brain interface

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Excerpt of “What medical neuroscience can learn from Near-Death Experiences”
This excerpt of the presentation describes the proposed interface between the non-material mind and the brain and how neurological activity translates into conscious experience. The full presentation gives the motivation for the “mind-entity hypothesis” and how it contrasts with the “brain production hypothesis”.
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  1. Are There Optical Communication Channels in Our Brains
    This study suggests that an axon’s outer coating—its myelin sheath—can act as a waveguide to channel biophotons. But it also suggests that a wide range of factors can influence this phenomenon by scattering light or absorbing it.
    One line of thought is based on the fact that photons are good carriers of quantum information. Many people have theorized that quantum processes may be behind some of the brain’s more mysterious processes, not least of which is consciousness itself.