Robert & Suzanne Mays – Near-Death Experiences and the Neural Correlates of Consciousness

Robert & Suzanne Mays – Near-Death Experiences and the Neural Correlates of Consciousness

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Near-Death Experiences and the Neural Correlates of Consciousness — Robert & Suzanne Mays, 2017 IANDS Conference

The phenomenology of near-death experiences (NDEs) strongly suggests the existence of a separate, autonomous mind or psyche. In an NDE, the mind exists and operates independent of the physical brain and body, having (1) a sense of separation from the body, with freedom from pain and disabilities; (2) lucid thought processes and hyperreal perceptions with veridical information beyond ordinary physical senses and prior knowledge; (3) real, albeit subtle, interactions with physical processes; and (4) accurate memory recall of past events and the formation of vivid, indelible memories of NDE events. In some cases, the mind entity can be seen and heard objectively by others at a distance from the body. If the mind entity is real, there should be ample evidence of its presence in brain processes during ordinary waking consciousness. We propose that the two neural correlates of the mind-brain interface are (1) the characteristic pauses in neural activation seen in brain EEG and MEG recordings, indicating mental activity during such cases as perception, language comprehension and working memory; and (2) the characteristic increases in neural activation in progressive brain regions, indicating the process of the mental content coming to consciousness from unconscious detection to full awareness. We present examples of interpreting patterns in EEG and MEG recordings in rapid visual categorization, auditory and visual language comprehension and face recognition tasks. The mind-entity hypothesis has greater explanatory power over physicalist brain-production theories in explaining not only the phenomena associated with NDEs but also ordinary neurological phenomena like perception and language comprehension, as well as a number of the enigmas of consciousness, such as the “hard problem” and the “binding problem.”

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  1. Dr Brian Weiss books changed my life. Many Lives ,Many Master's ,has literally changed my life! It's unbelievable!
    I loved his last book ,he co,_wrote with his daughter Amy Weiss called Miracle's Happen! This was written long before the Internet!

  2. when NDE people experience the subjective sense of being a person other than their current personality you define that experience as remembering a "past life". WHIle I am aware that people do experience the subjective sense of being another person, I am unaware of any evidence that the person they are experiencing has any relationship to their base or current person. in other words, they experience some "past" life but we do not know that it is "their" past life. if all lives are recorded then any life can be replayed for anyone and there is no necessary relationship in the way we tend to define past lives. I can experience "your" past life/lives in exactly the same way you can.