Rob Was Dead for 20 Minutes & Had 2 Near Death Experiences!

Rob Was Dead for 20 Minutes & Had 2 Near Death Experiences!

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Near-death experience podcast guest is creator Rob Gentile, who experienced 2 near death experiences and was even lifeless for 20 …

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  1. This video resonated with me due to the sad fact that my older sister killed herself about 8-9 years ago. I was worried for her soul/consciousness. I didn't know, so I researched and found my own answers from videos similar to this one. I researched death is so many ways. It gave me so much peace.

  2. Fabulous interview Jeff!! This must be the 4th time I have watched Rob on video and it strikes me as very genuine, With out EGO to go back to your conversation with him. Think I'll be buying his book as he speaks to the things I need to learn!! I'll be watching this one again as I want to take it al in!!. I listen to your videos frequently!!!

  3. Wow…as an ex- catholic I've changed my beliefs in a healthier way. …. like God loves all his children, no matter what. I loved listening to Rob …thank you Rob and Jeff. God, Love and Light…we're all one. * As I was being wheeled into the OR with a 9 lb Ovarian tumor about to be removed (the surgeon actually prayed over me before ), I didn't know what to think or say, I kept saying "thy will be done" over and over and knew from my AA program about surrendering–miracles happen. I went to sleep. Survived that nasty disease many years past….I'm still here. Thank you God.

  4. This one of the most interesting testimony I have heard in a long time you have been thru the mill and back! Wow, if I hadn’t heard anything but the part about Frosty, I needed to hear about! My brother in law died from suicide and I was the last person to talk to him! I had a lot of guilt because I couldn’t save him from death! Now I know he is fine also, thanks for that! It’s all good and I encourage you to listen to it, thank you for telling us your experience!

  5. Jeff, the more I watch your show and listen to your guests the more I like it Jeff , thank you for producing and running a great show! Now I would love to hear your experience and why you are doing this? Did you have an experience, what are your thoughts and processes of the Devine and mystical, etc? I feel I’m not the only one who would like to hear what Jeff has seen or heard, tasted maybe? Another great show!

  6. My Cousin Rita, who was a born again Christian, was put on Effexor for depression. Well, it caused her to become suicidal and sadly, took her own life. As she was dying in the emergency room, she said allowed to her husband, "Wow! It's so beautiful here. I wish you could see it. I'm so, so sorry please forgive me."
    And she died.
    So this whole thing of people going straight to Hell if they commit suicide is a lie. If you believe Jesus who he says he is, you can't lose your salvation like that.
    This experience was so emotional and touching. I really enjoyed that.

  7. Rob is a beautiful soul, and he describes the whole experience with a magic profound touch, thank you! What I notice is that recently the NDE's are becoming more and more articulated, a sign that we are evolving perhaps?

  8. Electricity is just one pole of the divine. The other pole is magnetism. Walter Russell described God as a magnetic,white light. Electricity has to to with reason and thought. Magnetism has to do with intuition and silence. It’s been said that there was a time when the leaders of mankind were rooted in intuition. Then,for some reason,perhaps because they wanted to know how they knew what they knew,the leaders became rooted in thought and reason. This change has been duly notated as,the fall of man. We went from knowing everything directly to having to learn and investigate why and how things work. This was the birth of science,which dumbed us down because we started to only believe in what was perceivable by the five senses,and totally discounted the possibility of us being much more than we were capable of conceiving ourselves to be. Our possibilities are only limited by our conceptions of ourselves and by our beliefs.