Roadmap to the Afterlife with Terri Daniel

Roadmap to the Afterlife with Terri Daniel

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Roadmap to the Afterlife with Terri Daniel

“This specific Afterlife Television episode is with Terri Daniel, afterlife consciousness educator, author of Embracing Death, & founder of the Afterlife Conference. In this job interview, Terri discusses how she turned her experience of dropping her son, Danny, into a catalyst for increased recognition.

“I check with Terri how she communicates with her son now, what the Interdimensional Postal Support is, why a short existence is not “lost likely,” how the relationship involving moi & soul has an effect on us, as nicely as the everyday living-altering concepts of believe in & surrender, and to explain her brilliant insight about the shift in consciousness we’re all experience these days. If you like interviews that open your mind & make you imagine, this is a fantastic one.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television

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Terri Daniel’s E-book: “Embracing Death: A New Search at Grief, Gratitude and God”

Terri is an ordained interfaith minister, a scientific chaplain and an intuitive counselor who assists dying and grieving men and women to find out a much more spiritually roomy comprehending of death and over and above.

Her exceptional standpoint on birth, death and the journey of the soul assists the dying and the living discover that means and healing as a result of meditative and ritual practices that open up a conduit to other dimensions. Her exclusive variety of “radical mysticism” incorporates components of Buddhism, Shamanism, historic pagan methods, gnostic Christianity and other spiritual traditions to break down restricting beliefs about forgiveness, divine judgment and adverse experience. Terri replaces these beliefs with an empowering eyesight of a co-produced universe in which there are no victims or perpetrators, only souls trying to get enlargement and awareness.

Terri is the author of 3 guides on death and the afterlife: A Swan in Heaven: Discussions Concerning Two Worlds, Embracing Death: A New Appear at Grief, Gratitude and God, Turning the Corner on Grief Street: Decline and Trauma as a Journey to Awakening.

​She is also the founder and president of the Afterlife Training Foundation and producer of the yearly Afterlife Consciousness Meeting (see higher than). Visit Terri Daniel’s individual internet site: http://www.danieldirect.web/


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  1. Thank you so much Bob, for having me on the show. I'm laughing while watching it, because every once in a while my dog comes and sits beside me (she's off-camera), but you can see my right arm moving when I'm petting her (in case anyone wonders what I was doing with my arm) – LOL.  Thanks again Bob. You're the best! 

  2. I have gotten to the point where experience is key as to what i feel is reality and true for me.  I keep an open mind to things and see how things in life unfold.  I know from my earlier years through living in the 60s that there is more to life than we can see with our normal vision and that there are many doors leading to other perceptions.  What they may be is an individual experience.  Best of luck, Bob.

  3. I really enjoyed this. The one thing I have to say is that every thing can't be absolutely pre-planned or that would make our free will null and void. That's my opinion only though. I do believe we set our intentions prior to incarnating, and sometimes we end up learning other lessons than originally planned, because we or others use our free will and make choices that effect our outcome and also then ripple out to others which may, in turn, change their outcome (just as their choices will do the same) Again, this is only my opinion, and what ever resonates with each of us is okay and is our truth/belief at this time.
    Blessings to all 🙂

  4. So glad you posted another interview!! I love your videos Bob, you're so easy to listen to and I love every single person you have on the show. I usually listen to your videos right before I sleep. Thank you for all the great lessons. You're awesome! (And a special thanks to Danielle Mackinnon- excuse me if I spelled her name wrong- for bringing me to your channel!)

  5. I absolutely Loved listening to this! gives such massive comfort! I have never doubted the afterlife & have many experiences of amazing proof over many years.Thank you so much Terri for your fantastic work.

  6. Bob, thank you for another really interesting interview. One comment, or opinion: I'm not certain being an activist for protection of our earthly environment is always based on fear of death. I believe it can also be based on a desire to preserve our excellent place for soul growth and advancement. Terri's comments on God and Santa Claus were excellent. Again, thank you for doing your important work. 

  7. Hi Bob you are such a super soul.I agree, with you about YouTube comments.  I try to take a stand when I see mind numbing ignorance, but it gets me nowhere LOL, slowly learning one cannot change others, only oneself, but it is a challenging lesson. However,  absolutely amazing and life transforming interview!!! Thank you again for doing so much for us, and for enlightening us, these are all wonderful people.  I have found such comfort in your interviews,especially this one. What an absolutely amazing and wise lady.  All my prayers to you and your family.

  8. This was truly fascinating. I volunteer with special needs children and young adults- I sing to them/massage them/play with them/ feed them. I've been thinking that they are here to teach us unconditional love. I feel so much joy when I make them smile by singing to them, and touching them (physically and emotionally).
    I disagree about the fear if death being at the root of all neurosis. I can't wait to pass (thanks to your show!), but I am just a ball of fear. I am working with the Paul Selig's guides though (thankyou, again), and slowly learning to align myself to the Divine within. It's helping! Blessings, Sue

  9. Bob your show has changed and touched my life. I am so glad I found your channel. It's fantastic that you share your knowledge and your guests with us. Such a blessing. I absolutely loved this program, I am buying this book. The story resonated with me I just could believe it. Thank you again for all that you share! Truly amazing

  10. Thanks Bob for another fantastic interview. And thanks for introducing me to Terri Daniel. Her perspectives that she talked about mirror my own. One of my favorites is what I refer to as the kindergarten version of God. The way Terri described so many things resonated so strongly with me. Learning about the higher perspective, the 30,000 ft. view of life, has helped me to make significant progress with healing from my own childhood wounds. Will most definitely read one of more of Terri's books and will share this interview. Great job!

  11. Terri, I love your philosophies. So well put and believable by me. I so wish I could expose all my friends to your ideas. Thank you for being my voice and putting it in words for those who are ready to recieve the truth.

  12. I cannot thank you anough for this interview! It's fantastic and I have now so many answers I was looking for. Thank you again and again. I will look for more material and Terri Daniel is going to be one of my teachers in this life! I was "forced" by someone on the other side to watch the video and I must thank him as well for making me do this. They, on the other side, always know better… Thank you again.

  13. Thank you Bob and Teri for an absolutely brilliant show.  I believe Teri's explanation on the "shift" was very spot-on.  Due to the internet and the access I have to shows or videos such as yours or blogs, I am more spiritual and have a greater understanding on so many areas of interest that I had sought out which has caused a "shift" in my awareness or consciousness.  I have such a thirst for understanding and knowledge and only through the internet would I get the majority of what I seek.  Of course, I also read but many of the people I meet through the internet usually can reference a book they have written and I go and get it.  Again, thank you for an amazing show and all the work you do.

  14. I loved the openness and honesty that was shown in this interview. All to often in the new age community we see our time as being special or some how disconnected from previous times. I liked how you put it all together to show the connection with the past and present.

  15. Thanx Terri for your great teachings and understanding on leaving fear behind and live with yourself and others in love. And thanx again Bob for bringing these great people and moments into my life every time, here on the other side of the ocean!

  16. I'm glad u made this video because I asked medim how long had here .she didn't really want to tell me but I pushed her to tell me. because at time I lost my husband and I didn't want to be here anymore but I was surprised by how long she said anyway it's could to know what to expect when I die so thanks u

  17. 15:00 There willl always be new ideas with new life…. I read plato, Socrates and yourself. someone will read me and someone else will read someone else….humanity will live forever.
    32:50 If you can break down this wall within yourself….you can break down all walls wirhin yourslef….you can know then know youreself and find within yourself your ideas for books…letting others know how to find thier books within themselves