Remembering the Light

Remembering the Light

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Remembering the Light, How Dying Saved My Life is author Rosemary Thornton’s book about her husband’s suicide, her NDE and her spontaneous healing from cancer. Lots of viewers, acquiring observed Rosemary’s private account in another video on this YouTube channel, have asked to know extra about her experiences. In respond to to their requests, Rosemary has designed her guide offered on Amazon, and she would enjoy it if you would depart a review.

Much more details about NDEs is at
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  1. I was Pronounced DOA (Dead On Arrival) at a Medical Centre in 1973… My heart did NOT beat for more than half an hour.
    I entered The WHITE LIGHT, and have remained there until today ! I have NOT left the WHITE LIGHT !

  2. Rose was chosen for this just like Eben Alexander was chosen to give his medical perspective. If an writer with a specialist in architecture and a brain surgeon say it’s real, then I would say the other side it real!