Proving Reincarnation | An In-Depth Interview with Jim B. Tucker

Proving Reincarnation | An In-Depth Interview with Jim B. Tucker

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Prof. Dr. Jim B. Tucker has been looking into instances of past life stories in children for 40 many years and proceeds the operate of his predecessor Dr. Ian Stevenson, who originated this place of research in the United States.

As director at the Section of Perceptual Reports, Prof. Tucker critiques and examines reports coming in predominantly from people throughout the United States with first hand studies of kids recounting past life reminiscences.

In this interview we seem into some of the procedures staying used in acquiring, choosing and cross checking facts of these kinds of remarkable accounts – 2,500 so significantly and counting – as very well as the implications that may be derived from the benefits of this particular and unconventional body of scientific investigation.

Following to the evidence collected by Prof. Tucker et al., we discuss linked areas of mind, consciousness, the conversation of mind and body as perfectly as the nature of human consciousness at significant.

An In-Depth On the net-Interview with Jim B. Ticker by Werner Nieke

00:34 Is consciousness without a doubt ensuing from a neural exercise, electricity and the motion of neurotransmitters?
03:26 If consciousness is major and the organic is secondary, how would you say: In which can a temperament be uncovered?
05:14 Individuals say the self is an illusion, we are just dreaming it and it is a motion picture. Could the similar be genuine for consciousness?
07:37 Are you referencing to the principle of a soul?
08:34 Can you communicate about some instances that present exactly what you observed and why you assume that there is a thing larger at get the job done listed here?
13:42 What do you say to sceptics?
15:21 Why have been small children in the very first area?
19:17 Do you obtain hypnosis as a suggests of collecting knowledge really serious scientific issue?
24:28 Is there a threshold of figures of details that you crosschecked?
28:54 Some people have birthmarks that corresopond to the result in death in their prior life …
31:55 What can the facilitating actual physical or genetic process be that they are born with that defects?
35:37 The place is this details saved if it is not in our brains and our bodies?
36:37 Do you feel that quantum physics could possibly really have clues as to what the character of consciousness is?
41:24 We have around a cost that we are to function for, to take out the levels of that cost. Is that one thing you at any time get in conflict with?
42:46 Science and religion or spirituality never need to contradict every other …

Interview: Werner Nieke
Editor: Werner Huemer

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  1. I wish if you’ve considered on the question why do you think that these people who claim that they have previous life that they’re saying the truth? Then give strong examples, maybe they watched a documentary about this person, or heard someone talking about him/ her…
    It’s not my option anyway… that’s what people are asking usually…. So cases your guest has studied and why does it considered as a proof.

  2. Watch all on Near death experience here on You Tube ,
    Aso hear Anita Moorjani who crossed over returned
    Doctors still baffled to how she cured of stage 4 cancer !
    20 million people have had Near Death Experience have all been sent back & claim similar stories ,
    they've changed life to that of materialism to one of caring & service. Amazing eh !!
    Hear the nurses at end of life from hospice
    Also those who babble under hypnotherapy …Spirit has nothing to do with the brain /mind

  3. Reincarnation is impossible and there is no way for the soul or consciousness to survive death.

    All energy regardless if it comes from a living thing or non living thing gets converted to heat energy which is the most disordered form of energy in the universe.

    Consciousness is a process like fire when you put the flame out of the candle the flame does not go anywhere it simply stops and that is what happens when we die The reaction stops. You don't go anywhere but you energy and atoms are still there but you stop happening and that is what is means to die and it will happen to you.

    If the concept of an eternally inflating multiverse is correct then sooner or later a copy of yourself would be realised somewhere else. The thing that makes you conscious is the same thing that makes your copy conscious, the thing that brought your consciousness into existence is the same thing that brought your copy's consciousness into existence and the thing that is making you self aware is the same thing that is making your copy self aware. Your exact life you have lived so far is being relived by copies of you elsewhere in the eternally inflating multiverse and every possible variation of your life is being relived by copies of you elsewhere in the eternally inflating multiverse. The eternally inflating multiverse is you know what made the universe expand so rapidly for a brief moment at the big bang known as cosmic inflation. Cosmic inflation is likely to be eternal known as eternal inflation because once inflation starts it never ends producing an infinite number of bubble universes and each bubble universe has their own big bang event. There are only a finite number of ways the laws of physics can be different and there are also only a finite number of ways matter can arrange itself. This means with an infinite number of big bangs the entire history of Earth is guaranteed to repeat and exact copies of you would be born on some on those Earth's Consciousness is a certain pattern of arrangement of atoms and electrons. Consciousness is how information feels while it is being processed and consciousness is something physical that feels non physical. Consciousness provides humans with self awareness and is powered by atoms and electrons in the brain. When a person dies these no longer function and the mind becomes inactive. If there were any new particles or forces that would have any affect what the atoms are doing in your brain we would of found them by now which we have not. Any new particle or force would be so weak that it would not affect what the atoms are doing in your brain. There is absolutely no way for the information stored in your brain to persist after you die and that makes life after (your) death completely impossible by the laws of physics.

  4. Don't understand these sceptics, evidence right under our noses without a shadow of a doubt.
    My 4th granddaughter, when she was around 3 yrs old told her other grandmother that she saw me when I was a kid because she was my mother.
    Also, when my third daughter was around three, she said she had another mummy in the sky who lived in a red house and had black hair. Don't believe these memories are down to coincidence or make believe.

  5. Amazing subject; appears our essence of mind is some form of energy independent from the brain but uses the brain as a temporary portal into our reality. But so many questions, how can this enduring energy store/maintain its "information" in the ether of space and not dissipate over time into heat? Perhaps it's rooted in another dimension that has laws of physics that facilitate it. Also it appears to be specific/compartmentalized to humans and our cosmic location, I have not heard of any past memory cases with distant Alien species memories. It's a shame most scientists ignore this information/evidence, just like in the mountain of cases involving UAP's, such a travesty. Hope more answers can be discovered and theories on its root origins and mechanisms proposed

  6. Are you saying that I have to deal with idiots even after i die? Darn. That sucks. lol — Actually I use to have glimpses of another place and have met someone that I already knew from before. Scared the crap out of me.

  7. UFO cases are real too. When you document all UFO/alien encounters you find tremendous consistency across the board. It appears it is the same with reincarnation cases as well.

    The data is good. The interpretation is the question. How do we interpret the data?

    I see two options…

    Reincarnation is true OR demons are messing with us.

    As a Christian I believe that people have souls which is our inner-most being. I also believe that [demonic] beings exist that we cannot see. Ghost hunters for example encounter these beings. I believe these beings are the reason there is so much consistency in the UFO/alien cases as well. Even the Pentagon is looking into UFO sightings.

    Demons see and hear people. They are watching us (The Watchers?) and toying around with us. They observe and possibly interact with people and then feed these visions to children so people like Dr. Jim Tucker is compelled to believe in reincarnation. Demons can give people visions to where they believe they were abducted into a space ship and they are able to give visions to children to so that they see the past lives of other people.

    Dr. Jim Tucker grew up in a Christian home [Southern Baptist] and because he rejects the God of the Bible he is now being haunted by ghosts. If you go looking for aliens and reincarnated people you WILL find them.

  8. I was strict Catholic did not believe in reincarnation until I had a dream of being a male pilot that was killed in Pearl Harbor. Only 11 years between lifetimes. My senses were heightened. I could feel the heat of the sun on my body, I smell fragrant flowers, and saw beautiful mountains. I woke up screaming and shaking. My husband got scared and ran into the bedroom. I found out who I was years later. I had full recall of place I was born, what area I was born in, knew my rank as an officer. I knew I had a father and sister.