Proof That Prayers Reach Our Loved Ones In Spirit

Proof That Prayers Reach Our Loved Ones In Spirit

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  1. Great job as usual!!!  I have been in mental pain/anguish and asked for help to relieve it.  I immediately got a vision with someone calling me by name and inferring watch.  I then proceeded to view not only the issue I was concerned about but many other 'bad memories' come up.  As the 'bad memories' appeared like magic the 'bad feelings associated with them' was eliminated.  Then hundreds of 'memories' flashed before my view.  After that I felt 'complete peace' —- nothing in my memory banks could make me feel 'bad' again.  I believe I was being told not to take 'things' so hard.  I is ok to 'remember' things but why attach 'bad feeling/sorrow' with them —- be able to let the bad feelings 'go'!  Try to eliminate 'emotional baggage' by being careful in controlling your emotions to begin with.

  2. Fantastic video! Thank you for this Bob. One of my closest girlfriends from throughput high schl recently passed at the hand of her husband. It’s comforting to know that my prayers for her still have purpose, even for though she’s gone.

  3. I have several family members, friends, and pets who have passed on to the next dimension of life. It is wonderful to know how much our prayers mean to them. Thank you, Bob. Thank you, Melissa, for your beautiful and moving photography.

  4. Hi Bob, Thanks so much for continuing these podcasts during these past few months of wreck, sorry & worry in the world. It's extra tough personally to hold on to any faith right now, let alone do prayers.
    & such a gripping personal story at the end!!! So glad you & Melissa are safe, & hope those thugs met their justifiable sentences elsewhere — believe that karma has its timing & reckoning.

  5. Bob, I was sitting on my front porch with a close friend when a Cardinal landed on a small tree right in front of us. They say Cardinals are a message of heaven. What do you make of this, was there a message connected to me and my friend (he is a male)

  6. This is really amazing and explaining the power of prayer is intriguing to me. My mother kneeled down and prayed before bd every night. I have no idea what she prayed for, I assume she prayed for her family. She was a simple woman and by no means religious but the very consistency of her prayer life has always stayed with me.