Profound Near-Death Experience Account- David Bennett

Profound Near-Death Experience Account- David Bennett

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  1. I’m so glad that we are being allowed to see these things..and hear these things too. The world seems to be falling apart and when I listen to these people..I hear their sincerity and it honestly gives me hope.

  2. We are millenary spirits.
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  3. What you have to keep in mind about these folk that experience these things is that they are by far the minority! For every 100 people experiencing this there are thousands in the same medical peril that experience nothing at all ! ! This is one of the reasons that many people remain skeptics, especially scientists who still do t understand the brain fully so they cannot rule out that it originates there and not as a result of an afterlife !

  4. TODAY we are 8 years later. We are rapidly reaching the point, I believe, where those spiritual communities must be empowered if the community is to “pick up the ball” and support the many who will (who already have) lost everything. It’s going to require a big huge upgrade in our thinking – a powerful BOOST to jump start the community model. It appears that we are under attack from those who have another Agenda entirely – (and that Agenda has nothing to do with the promotion of the brotherhood of man or the fatherhood of God.)

  5. I had 1 question as an adolescent kid reading the bible. I was given the same answer Every Time. "It's not right to test the Lord."
    I'm not a child any longer. It's in the Bible and I don't need clarification to Mathew 14:30,31
    Christians of faith, why can't you walk on water or create miracles? I believe It's said, Peter begin to walk, but fell into the Sea.
    This should be common act for Christians. If this actually happened, humanity would be seeing this on a daily occurrence.
    But it's NOT. No Christian can walk on water or create miracles and never have or will, Why…?
    I'm an Ex-Christian and Now believe in God, The creator, Love, The Source of everything, on a whole other level. Through NDE's and my personal experiences, I know these NDE"s are REAL and LOVE is the whole key to life!

  6. Question: How come these NDE'rs claim they get ALL this insight.

    They saw EVERYTHING!

    Yet they completely fail to mention the vast amount of conspiracies going in the world?

    Every idiot on the planet can clearly both sense and see something is VERY wrong in this world!

    Hmmmm? Food for thought!

  7. Hmmm. This talk is way too vague for me. He doesn't discuss anything specific about the future. He didn't see anything in the future that took place post 2013. (It is 2021 now.) I mean, it is obvious to me that there is a lot of stressors on society and the planet. It is obvious to me that we have the key to turn the ship around. It is obvious to me that the way is love. (I'm only at 44 mins in, so he might surprise me with something specific.)

  8. In my opinion, this is such an important near-death experiences video. David not only shares his near-death experience but also offers valuable insights and wisdom that can help us live a more heart-centered, loving way of life. While the video quality is poor, don't let that stop you from "listening."

  9. The more people there are, the more everyone's problems will multiply. What does the light say about that? Just don't worry about it? This is a material world, and we share it with other organisms that are being slaughtered so that more of us can be created. This is not sustainable nor is it loving or kind.

  10. So all the Christians that say Jesus is coming back really soon are wrong? Just wondering because ive been seeing a lot of them saying they have had visions and also i believe a few nder's have also said that.