Private Investigator To Afterlife Investigator. Bob Olson's True Story.

Private Investigator To Afterlife Investigator. Bob Olson's True Story.

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Bob Olson was a personal investigator who, via a series of strange activities, arrived to examine lifetime after death. This movie tells his tale of his perform as a non-public eye and how he arrived to examine proof of the afterlife.

A former private investigator, Bob Olson is an Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher. In his lookup for proof of everyday living after death considering the fact that 1999, Bob has tested hundreds of psychic mediums, spirit artists, past-daily life regressionists and other similar practitioners to weed out the authentic from the phonies, frauds and scam artists.

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In 1997, Bob Olson’s father died of lung most cancers at the age of 64. Bob was just 35. The unpleasant occasion ignited spiritual thoughts for Bob that he’d under no circumstances ahead of regarded as. Is there life after death? If so, what evidence exists to establish it? And, if just one could verify the existence of an afterlife, was it also feasible to know if our deceased loved ones exist in this afterlife, if they are all right, and if they are observing about us? So it was his father’s death that became the catalyst for Bob’s investigation into the afterlife.

Given that graduating college or university in 1985 with a degree in Criminology, Bob worked as a accredited personal investigator in both equally Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He investigated situations involving fraud, adultery, personal injury and even murder. In point, he worked for some of the most prestigious law companies in Boston, such as Swartz & Swartz, Hill & Barlow, and Sugarman & Sugarman.

Bob has always desired evidence in excess of conjecture, not just in his get the job done but also in his spiritual beliefs. He was raised Catholic but was by no means positive he even considered in God. With out proof, he remained cynically skeptical. And this is how he commenced his investigation into the afterlife—skeptical, while open up minded enough to be keen to examine it.

Through Bob’s investigations, he has examined hundreds of psychics and mediums all-around the world and, resultantly, has turn out to be a major authority on the issue with Tv set, movie and documentary producers, newspaper and online journalists, radio hosts, ebook publishers, party promoters, as perfectly as legislation enforcement businesses and non-public investigators. If an individual requirements to comprehend the talents, personalities and intricacies of the psychic-medium planet, Bob Olson is the only major qualified who’s not a psychic medium.

Following his first calendar year investigating mediums, Bob expanded his exploration to other supernatural and paranormal experiences, together with previous-lifestyle regression, near-death experiences, ghosts and hauntings, channeling, divination, spirit composing, energy healing, health-related intuition, out of body experiences, remote viewing, animal interaction, meditation and much more. Any time doable, Bob underwent his own individual experiences in order to share the most incredible of them in composing with his on the internet viewers. As a consequence of these articles or blog posts, people today have traveled from all above the environment to have their have personal experiences with the very same practitioners.

Currently, Bob has a status in the spiritual and paranormal sector as a guy of substantial integrity and ethics. While some persons see him as the Simon Cowell of this field, in particular in the psychic medium marketplace simply because his benchmarks for readings have developed to come to be so challenging to meet, he is also a trustworthy voice for the general public simply because of this track record.


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Bob Olson is also the creator of “Solutions About The Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Calendar year Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Daily life After Death” – offered on Amazon in both of those paperback and Kindle e-book: or pay a visit to to download a free excerpt of the e-book.

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  1. Fascinating story!! I too have recently become spiritual after reading Brian Weiss' and Michael Newton's books. I am sure to explore mediums very soon to see if I can get messages from my mother who has passed. You have a myriad of experiences and ascertain those experiences by KNOWING as opposed to merely BELIEVING!! This is what I like most about what you say! You exude great authenticity and purpose! Thanks Bob!

  2. I have been watching your videos for a while and you have come up with good findings.One thing that I have heard a lot in your videos is that "Time does not matter in the other realm".
    I think that can be true.Time ceases to exist if you inhabit a planet that does not rotate along its axis and does not revolve around the sun.In that case day and nights dont happen,neither do the seasons change.

  3. I just found your channel, and I think it's wonderful! I can't wait to explore it and some of your guests as well! Thank you for exploring and filtering in such a thoughtful and informed way! Finally, some intelligent insight into the things we all know exist, but can't quite articulate or understand in this human form! We're just getting started, but it's about time to move past the frauds and get to some real understanding! Thanks again Bob!

  4. This is the third video of yours that I've watched. I believe you to be sincere in your words.
    You've answered some of my questions about my own experiences. Thank you so much for sharing all this information, I'm excited to watch the rest of your videos.