PMH Atwater – Glimpses of Beyond: Proof of God: Revelations from the Heart of NDEs

PMH Atwater – Glimpses of Beyond: Proof of God: Revelations from the Heart of NDEs

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Glimpses of Beyond: Proof of God: Revelations from the Heart of NDEs – P.M.H. Atwater, 2015 IANDS Conference

Based on her book, Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience, this talk by acclaimed author P.M.H. Atwater is dedicated to the collective voice, the sum of the many. It covers over three decades of listening and keeping notes as nearly 4,000 experiencers shared what they saw. Yes, personal stories are wonderful, but the real “thunder” comes from those children and adults who surprise us with the richness of their vision and the truth of what they encountered at the very “heart” of their near-death or near-death-like experience. P.M.H. will also share experiencer drawings, a show-case of what experiencers remembered when they died.

An international authority on near-death states, P.M.H. uses the culmination of her research to establish that the near-death phenomenon is not some kind of anomaly, but is rather part of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness. She combines her 33 years of near-death research with experiencing, experimenting with, and researching altered states of consciousness, mysticism, psychic phenomena, and the transformational process, to reveal what transformations of consciousness really are, why we have them, and where they lead us. Author of The Big Book of Near Death Experiences and many more.

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  1. Well I'm sorry but I have to correct her on one point, there IS a sense in calling God, GOD, or the Father, because He is truly the God of the bible, and Jesus called Him the Father , so HE is the Father of all, I also call Him our Creator, cause indeed this is what He is – God is the Creator of ALL things, more things than we know, He is the creator of many worlds – it just boggles ones mind to think about it. Anyway, I believe in the word of God in the bible, period

  2. I love hearing nde stories. I've heard lots of speakers mention this lady. Never heard her speak till now. Guess I'm not in the right space now to hear more from her tonight. I like more to hear the stories first hand. Is she had nde's I'd like to hear those stories.

  3. I love hearing PMH Atwater speak. Some on here say she's egotistical, no.. I think she's very versed in her calling, been learning and experiencing for a long time, she has. She makes for interesting conversation. 🙂