Peter Panagore’s NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE | Why do Humans Cause Suffering??

Peter Panagore’s NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE | Why do Humans Cause Suffering??

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Peter Panagore’s NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE | Why do Humans Trigger Struggling??

Join me for Peter Panagore’s breathtaking and mind-blowing near death experience! Make sure to stick about to the close, in which he talks about the rationale for suffering, how to join with the divine in this lifetime, and shares his thoughts on Jesus.

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  1. I have enjoyed this interview immensely. I honestly struggle with the term "deconstructionist" as I have been so deeply indoctrinated in Catholocism and I feel as if I am abandoning my upbringing. There are many, many aspects of the Catholic Church that provided great strength to me, my deceased parents,8 older siblings, and many many beautiful cousins and friends. At 67 years old ( and many, many years of searching for the plain truth ) this interview has added to my belief that as Christ said “Seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). Thank you Melissa AND Peter for this beautiful interview.

  2. You are adorable and Mr. Panagore’s story is my absolute favorite. His voice as he describes this is just magnetic and so sincere he just pulls you in. So well articulated so we are all there with him. Love this!

  3. Oh my word so much of what he said is in the new message from God given through the messenger Marshall Vian Summers. The steps to knowledge that’s a book by Marshall V. Summers who is now in his 70’s

  4. Love is good! Religion is good! God only started one religion through His Word, Jesus Christ! The reason for all suffering in the universe is because sin entered into the world when Adam and Eve went against God's will! But God respects our free will more than anything and that is why He allows suffering! God respects our free will because He wants our unconditional love! There is only one religion that claims to have been started by God Himself in the flesh- Catholicism! The Catholic church knows more about God than any other religion. There are no past lives, God only gave you one body and soul! God created everything right the first time! Reincarnation is directly opposed to Jesus's death and Resurrection! We just have one life, one body, one death! Do not fall for deceptions!

  5. This man hates the Catholic church! I can tell just by certain things he says! He is anti-religious! Religion is good, not bad! Jesus Christ gives us His flesh and blood to eat in the Holy Eucharist so we can have new life in Him! You can not reason your own way to God like this man has been constantly reinforcing toward the end of this video!

  6. This man is a false prophet! Jesus Christ is the Word of God, Jesus Christ is EVERYTHING! Jesus Christ's death on the cross is EVERYTHING, because He reconciled us with God and gave us the chance to be adopted children of God! Jesus is the Word of God made flesh! Everything Jesus said and did reflected God's entirety! This false prophet is very anti-Christian! I told a Muslim that the Quran is right about one thing tgat Jesus is the Word of God. He replied that the Word is all of God's creation! I replied, God does not need to think before He speaks and that His Word was always with Him and that His Word is God! This man is under a great deception!

  7. I wished he could have elaborated more on the sufferings – not so much illnesses, but the cruelty for e.g., how Putin is killing so many innocent civilians , their bodies separating with limbs torn off etc. Yes we have to die ( can't make omelette without breaking the egg)! Many ppl who have become aware of NDEs are no longer afraid of death…but the fear is how the life will end…blown to bits or quietly in your bed or hospital bed.

  8. Many are troubled by the last 10 minutes or so, which I would like to address. While Jesus is called the only-begotten (or unique) Son, remember that Isaac, is also referred to as Abraham's only-begotten son — although Abraham did have other sons, not only Ishmael but other sons born late in his life! Jesus is unique because he fulfilled God's promise to bless all nations and redeem the world. Yes, Jesus was the focus point and connecting point of the Light, the Word made flesh; but that Word dwells in us too and desires us to be awakened that we are together the Light of the world as the Christ Body, with Jesus as our heart.

  9. Wait – what? You said that you were 21 yrs. old back in 1980? That would make you (now) about 62 yrs old. You look like you're still in your 30's!
    Where's the fountain you drink from?

    Another fantastic Podcast! I can't wait to watch this one again. Love you, Melissa! You're the Best!

  10. I completely agree that Jesus was an NDEer or teaching Buddhism.
    Also there's a documentary showing he may have traveled to Tibet(?) area because he is unheard of between ages 12 & 33(?)
    Another insight most of us don't see because we're taught to blindly believe… but the star when Jesus was a baby… never mentioned again throughout his life even at his death. Why didn't his mother remind everyone to save him? Nobody peeps about him being the star baby. I mean… that's all Christians focus on! Anyhoo…