Peter Anthony’s Near-Death Experience- NDE Accounts

Peter Anthony’s Near-Death Experience- NDE Accounts

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Peter Anthony discusses in near-death experience and part of his life review. Many near-death experiencers come back with profound experiences that alter their personal and professional lives. Peter Anthony is no exception. His artistic skill as a special effects makeup artist and celebrity image consultant with the television and film industry, vanished, and was replaced with unexplained abilities. Source: 2017 IANDS Conference

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  1. Omg! Peter Anthony is one of the most dynamic, fascinating man I have seen! He is REAL! Thank you for sharing your life story with us! It broke my heart when you said what happened to your sister! We all have so many regrets in life! We have to learn to forgive ourselves!

  2. The belief that consciousness is merely a brain function arises in ignorance of the "Literal Present"; i.e, how long is the present? If what's already happened belongs to the past, what's yet to happen belongs to the future, and what's happening right now belongs to the present–then we must ask, how much "time" passes between present and future: A year…a week…a day…a nanosecond? Logically, there is zero time! Too short for anything physical to occur. Not even the orbit of an electron around an atom! So then, if not in a physical universe, where is the experience of life? Only in Consciousness, the timeless here and now, the ultimate singularity, comprising an infinity of multiverses and all life lived and yet to be lived. Here is the home of eternal Soul, which many visit in a near death experience.

  3. Peter Anthony… What a narcissistic sociopath fraud. Me me me me me, I’m special, I’m special, I have unique powers & u don’t nah nah na nah nah. I’ve always like this channel til this garbage. I know a fake when I see one.

  4. I wish more people believed in a Life after this one,, your pure energy having a human experience, you NEVER die, you have lived since the dawn of time but why we don't remember is a mystery but it is for a reason, we are here to learn and extend ourselves and reincarnation is when you have to live again because you never learn't the lesson the last time,,, when you die then all knowledge is known to all, there are no secrets, and everything you do is recorded and will be reviewed,, my advice to all is " You have to be the change you want to see in the world",,,

  5. OMG! Judging, validating, casting doubt, devaluing and smearing this man's contribution is so wrong, hurtful, and it tells me that you are NO NDE'r ! You have missed the message of what IANDS is all about. My heart breaks for him, for YOU, for everyone because this type of negativity or criticism keeps people silent, afraid to tell their story, reveal their truth and we all miss out.

  6. Yo i wonder in the after life can you create a world reality and you can create life forms similar to humans i would create a Religion where they would worship me by Farting out of bottom i would have a great sense of humour not the boring old farts of the Religion God's and instead of sending people to hell i would send them to a prison for a couple of hours were they are forced to see naked posters of hillary Clinton that would be torture enough

  7. I saw Peter Anthony on Anthony Chene's documentary. This was so so enlightening. Yeah, I'm not living life, I'm letting life live me. Yeah, I'm not happy, angry, lonely and scared. I'm getting into these videos and hoping I find my way, my peace my self. 🙂 Also, I'm a cancer, and he's right, I'm very sensitive especially toward other peoples' feelings and I'm intuitive.

  8. Great experience, but the book is beyond strange and makes no connection to NDEs. I bought it for a friend, and she had the same reaction…wha? It suffers from ‘failure to convince’, and I’ve had an NDE, which is why I watch these vids.