Peter Anthony's Extraordinary NDE

Peter Anthony's Extraordinary NDE

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Peter Anthony, Vintage NDE: Peter’s shut get in touch with with death leads him to go away his body, check out an outstanding tunnel, fulfill with an “ascended master,” and have an extreme lifestyle critique. Then he visits a “cleaning station” in which he encounters the Being of Light, which he identifies as God. Join Peter as he describes his incredible journey. To browse about Peter’s NDE, see his guide “Critical Learn.” Subscribe to this You Tube channel (NDE Video) to see far more video clips like this a person.

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  1. My wife died unexpectedly over 2 years ago, it took a lot out of me, I watch a lot of NDEs looking for comfort and answers. I left religion but I am still am very spiritual. My conclusion was that if there was a God. It or he or she is outside any dogma or mythology.

  2. This is one of the most beautiful and profound NDE's I have heard!!!! I really do wish that everyone on this planet, especially the leaders and the money making machines, could see this the way that you did……the way that you still do. So many of us little people are yearning for a cleaner world. Cleaner food, alternative medicines. But our voices apart are not heard. We are too small as individuals. We must come together. I believe we finally are starting to get there, but we aren't there yet. I'll be the first to say…I love you

  3. I have been fascinated by NDE ever since i learned of them, some time ago. Your experience had the interesting thing about our attitude towards the environment and what we are doing to the planet. I will follow your lead in regards to those plastic ties on 6 packs. Cut them up. Maybe it is time to take it a step further and question every product we purchase or consume? Much gratitude for your sharing.

  4. So Peter,
    I know that I am 3 years later watching your video but it was right on time. I have a question ⁉️ So, are we reunited and with our love ones on the other side??? I know they greeted you but it's like they disappeared??

  5. The amount of times o just hold the phone wanting to pick it up and call my grandmother and tell her I love her… I know she isn’t gone and I will be with her again but it’s still hard.