People Saw Him Fly Around The Room During His Near Death Experience

People Saw Him Fly Around The Room During His Near Death Experience

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Near-Death Experience podcast 584 guest is David Echt who during his NDE experience was in a state of ecstasy and a realm of outstanding shades. in truth, It was so amazing that I did not want to return.

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  1. The more advanced souls go directly into the light and it's called Rainbow Body. As we advance further people can see a rainbow above the town or city of the advanced soul. Another example that we all saw on this planet recently was Queen Elizabeth… double rainbow above Buckingham.

  2. David is a true master artist, from the deep mystical to the fun and silly. He knows how to use color to capture the viewer like a pro. Even his living room invites us to want to visit – like a green shade of the Garden of Eden. Jeff, thank you for bringing him to us!

  3. David wasn't in the right state of mind to talk with any soul when his NDE happened, because he actually Was flying high from the drugs consumed. Unlike others who clearly saw into the heavens with Angels, Jesus or his friends and family . Glad he was able to ground himself and come back.

  4. Magnificent account. His gentle, clear and steady articulation was a pleasure to listen to. I also appreciate how much loneliness he must have shouldered all those years, only telling several others. Perhaps part of why we are here is that it helps us drink even more deeply from wells of gratitude when not in a state of imagined isolation/separation…

  5. The night before my dad’s sister died, she was in the hospital bed sleeping, my dad sitting with her. He saw what looked like smoke come out of her chest, swirl around above her, and go back into her chest. Then the next day right after she passed, my grandmother pointed and said, “look, it’s the smoke again”, so they both saw it at different times. Has anyone else experienced anything like that?

  6. I and two others experienced the same thing. One morning, I got up to use the bathroom. As I walked out of my room, I turned to look over my shoulder and saw an explosion of white light. The best way to describe it is that it was like a 3-d comic bubble with jagged edges. I wondered who that could be, and later I found out my friend’s partner had died that day from a short battle with lung cancer, however I didn’t think it could be him, because I’d only met him twice.

    Fast forward to a year later, my friend is telling me about what happened when her friend died that day. He was on life support. He wanted them to pull his life support because he was suffering so greatly. They refused, and instead, he left his body in a burst of white light. I realized what I’d seen had been him, after all. I told her what I’d seen and we both drew what we’d seen without looking at what the other was drawing and then we placed the drawings over each other… it was like a tracing.

    In case we needed further proof, a falcon appeared outside the window. Falcon is his last name.

  7. What a wonderful, humble guest. Because he's only told his story a few times I wonder if he's still integrating his experience. I imagine doing this show was really good for him. I feel he is 100percent authentic and I hope he does a repeat show.