Paula’s Shared NDE After Her Brother’s Tragic Death

Paula’s Shared NDE After Her Brother’s Tragic Death

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  1. I lost my younger brother who was 4 years younger in 1985. I caught my breath when I heard your intro. We knew my brother’s cancer was fatal but his death hit me like a ton of bricks. His spirit visited me two months later – and telepathically – that he was OK and that I could stop weeping. It changed my view of life and death.

  2. My granny came to me 2 days after her funeral..and took my grief away. I was driving too..65 miles an hour down the highway..on a curve no less. She came to me and filled me up with warmth..and just…her. It only lasted a few seconds and when she left it felt like a blanket being pulled off of me and exiting the car slightly to my right, through the roof. The day she died, I felt presences in the room with us..and she could see them..and was animatedly talking to them all day…so her whole dying experience was really a life changing experience for me. After she left the grief was literally gone..and I never shed another tear over her leaving. And my faith that I had lost long before, grew again. slowly I didn't even realize it was back for about 4 years. I don't grieve those who die the same way..I'm actually..happy for them. I feel for those left behind..but I'm secretly a little envious of those who have left. And I don't fear all. Which is a good thing..because I learned I have a dangerous brain aneurysm that could blow at any moment. All I can say is..bring it on 🙂 !! Time to continue the journey!!

  3. The purpose of this life is to love God and love your neighbor as yourself.

    Thankfully we aren't saved by loving God but rather because He first loved us and gave Himself for us.

    Jesus is Lord God Almighty clothed in unfallen humanity and He is the author of eternal life to all who trust Him alone for salvation.

    Jesus paid for all the sins of all the world at the cross (past, present ,and future). That payment is put to your account when you have believed on Christ alone for salvation.

    The only reason anyone will ever be in Heaven is solely by the perfect life, shed blood, death, burial, and resurrection, of Jesus Christ alone.

    Anything added or subtracted from this is another gospel.

    Our good works, repenting of sins, and obedience, are solely for rewards in Heaven or a lack thereof and have absolutely nothing to do with salvation at all.

  4. You claim that you knew all the knowledge that there was to know in the universe. Would you be so kind as to share with us some of that knowledge? Help us settle the questions about some of the mysteries of human history, for instance. I am not trolling. I really would like to know.

  5. Her entire description and reaction is that of a mother for the loss of a child not a brother…., They are very different things…. Nothing is like the loss of a child, you have 100 x More invested in a child, the child is literally a closer relation and the child is younger than a brother, .. I'M entirely confident that psychiatric hospitals have 100 x More people who come there suffering loss of a child than a sibling…In fact , all things considered the loss if a spouse is usually a harder loss and so too is the loss of a parent ,, If she reacted this way for a brother she would need to be hospitalized if she lost a child.

  6. My own brother just died and I was in bed and at 4:30am I woke up suddenly and felt the distinct feeling of my brother Eddie right across from me and I knew he was going to heaven! I told him to go to the light and find Jesus and with that he was gone with some white, yellow, and red lights twinkling , so I know what happened! When my son called me the next day I knew exactly what I was going to say! I'm blessed that he told me goodbye!! I'm not as upset as I would have been thanks to his visit! I know he is happy now and with our Beloved Dad! I live in Idaho and he died in Richmond,Va.

  7. So are you more holy than my cousin's wife who has a 9 month old baby that she is left with after a heart attack at 40. He is not appearing to her. I miss him just as much as your brother, but please don't fabricate stories that aren't possible in this physical reality. You cannot defy the rules of the universe. This is dilute and hurtful rhetoric

  8. I really enjoy watching IAND videos. It helps me to remember what really matters in life and that I'm never really alone. Also, it's nice to know that some day I'll see my loved one's again, including my amazing dad and wise great-grandfather.

  9. Are we not being spoken to here? Am I listening not only to those around me, but those that have passed? My guide, teachers and family speaking to me and am I listening? Are you?
    I see this allot in video's, "They" are communicating to us and we shrug it off.
    That is NOT always a coincidence. How many signs do we get from passed on loved ones and we just DON'T GET IT? I'm listening…

  10. Her account is interesting. She had an NDE while conscious ( no heart attack etc) and came back. This is the first account ive ever seen this happen besides an NDE that I had. I had been standing on my feet when my NDE started and when it was over I was also slammed back into my body when it was over. I was still standing up when i landed

  11. I wonder if you realize how horrible this makes the rest of us feel who have also lost loved ones but have not had the blessing of your experience. I'm happy you found peace, I truly am but what about all the rest of us who have had their hearts and lives shattered. I lost my best friend and wife five years ago and my mother last year. I have begged and pleaded to their spirits and to God for just some sign that they were okay and still with me in spirit but only silence. Did they not love me as much as your brother loved you ? You said you were in a place where you understood everything so do you have an answer for me or just more silence

  12. When my father passed i had a shared death experience. I was with him during his transition from Earth and Heaven. He died in Tennessee while I was in West Virginia. I was awake…in my back yard…in the middle of the day. God is real and we are loved in ways that we cannot fully understand. God loves you.

  13. Your talk brought me to tears. Thanks! One of my missions to come back after my NDE is to find my kindred spirit(s). I have a younger brother, who should be about 40 years old now if my mother had not has that political mandatorily abortion. His birthday/the pregnancy due date was in Nov; he has a prominent, pointed nose, a big heart, big eyes, as usually who drives way too fast and has way too many lovers; (lol) he has tattoos on his fair skin. Most importantly, he is a gifted h-e-a-l-e-r, but stuck himself in this funny physical world in human society.