Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Regression

Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Regression

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PAST LIFE REGRESSION & Everyday living Amongst Life REGRESSION

NANCY CANNING: “Ever ponder who you were in a past life? A past-lifestyle regression can notify you. At any time assumed that obtaining a near-death experience could be cool–without the virtually dying aspect? A lifestyle-concerning-life regression is the following most effective detail to acquiring an NDE. And Nancy Canning is the specialist I personally selected to lead me by way of my initially (and a lot of) previous-lifestyle regressions and existence-in between-life regressions.

“In this job interview, Nancy tells us what these experiences are like, how they advantage our spiritual progress, how our past lives could possibly be impacting our latest everyday living, even how birthmarks and phobias may possibly be related to past lives. And if you have in no way heard of a lifestyle-among-life regression (aka spiritual regression), this video will blow your mind to a new recognition of what is probable. These regressions can even be carried out by means of Skype.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television set

GET A Earlier-Daily life REGRESSION with Nancy Canning
Mobile phone: 508-743-9545
E mail: [email protected]

Don’t pass up Bob Olson’s e book: “Answers About The Afterlife: A Non-public Investigator’s 15-Calendar year Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Lifetime After Death.”

Read ABOUT BOB OLSON’S First Past-Everyday living REGRESSION: Study this post prepared by Bob about his very first previous-lifetime and lifetime-in between-lives regressions. living-Regression

TO Acquire DR. MICHAEL NEWTON’S Book – Journey Of Souls (Amazon)

Get in touch with NANCY CANNING: Call Nancy Canning at (508) 743-9545 to schedule your past-life or existence-in between-life regression. Nancy operates by phone, Skype or Zoom, so you can have this experience from any place in the globe with out ever leaving the comfort of your dwelling. You can also go to her in person on Cape Cod, Massachusetts to have the experience in her office environment. Her web page is store


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  1. "Hi' Bob, I purchase a regressive hypnosis cd to help me. Seems I am having trouble getting past my conscious mind even though I am so relaxed I can fall asleep. Do you know how I can better this experience? Thank You!

  2. Hi Keith. Actually, Nancy was one of Michael Newton's early trainers, meaning she helped train practitioners how to give Life Between Lives regressions to people. So she speaks from her own experiences and doesn't need to take anything from his books. But I appreciate your comment and your kind words. I had intended to discuss this during the interview, but we just ran out of time so quickly.

  3. Hi Linda. My only advice is to keep trying it over and over. But I know that I, personally, do much better when I'm being guided by a hypnotic regressionist in the room with me. You might be the same. But I don't want to give you a limiting belief. My wife, Melissa, once listened to a guided meditation CD so many times that whenever she started it, she quickly went into trance and had the coolest experiences. It took a while before that happened, but it worked for her. Good luck!

  4. Ever since I was young I was afraid of pointed objects. It literally hurts my eyes. Also, I feel I was a girl, an only child, with short hair. I remember my mother and father (they were fat) – I remember the kitchen, and the brown gate. I think I went to a Catholic school. These memories are not dreams. They feel real. And I don't know why I remember it. I think it was in the 50s or 60s. And I think I committed suicide. I'm not sure. But I even remember looking in a mirror, in my bedroom.

  5. Bob this was really well done! My very special 5th Dimension gift these days is being able to photo my Spiritual self Dsus-Semiko, my Spiritual soulmate Melody-Seaspania, core members of my Spirit Group 7-15, total Spirit Group 46 to 50 members, my 5 Spirit Guides Prometheus, Sineous, Kasineous, Tranful, Decideus, my Council Leader Ringer, my 22 Council Elders, and my Guardian angels. Also the Spiritual energy of Erik Rune Medhus, Jesus (blue orb), & any souls returned to Spirit Realm. I ask.

  6. Hi Jennifer. 🙂 If you find it interesting with persons speaking about their lives on other planets etc, then you should absolutely read books from Dolores Cannon. Almost all cases is about lives on other planets, galaxes, universes etc. She uses the deepest hypnosis existing where peoples higher self is speaking through then. Her books are absolutely amazing!! I can recommend her "The convoluted universe" series. Four books. I have read book 3 and 4. Two of the best books on my bookshelf. 🙂

  7. Hey Bob. I read your past life regression and it was pretty sad, and sort of points out a “flaw” in the “system.” When we can’t see the big picture we tend to make bad choices, like George living in despair for 23 years and negatively impacting those around him. If George knew what we know, he/you may have been able to change his/your fate during that lifetime. Then again, our lives are but an instant in the spirit realm. And we’re so lucky that we now know; it’s a real game changer!

  8. i just will tell you any thing you can imagine its true because if something didn't exist no one can imaging it that mean you have to believe that boy its you in one on may be thousand life that you lived and you have to understand the true meaning of the word imagination because imagination its about something that is real and exist and that relate to you and you can't imaging some think that belong to others because you don't have knowledge about unknowing of others i hope you will get it

  9. I have 2 birthmarks on my right hand and I saw something when I was meditating a blue streak then I saw this black and red figure in my mind and I wonder did I die on a different planet cuz I swear I saw something the thing I saw looked like a guy from a video game I use to play no joke my birthmarks are black and blue and I wanna know what happen wit my past life

  10. Highly recommend the Michael Newton's books. I read them years ago and they are milestones in NDE research. They are not as flighty as the Dolores Cannon books (which I also recommend.) Newton gives you a sense of graduating from high school (3D earth experience) and then going (returning) to college for additional education and analysis of your immediate past life.

  11. I've started to re-watch your past interview videos. I enjoyed this one so much. I've learned so much from many of the interviews. I know you must be so busy but I do hope that you will start interviewing and having more videos about the afterlife soon. Thank you.

  12. Wow… I was unsubscribed from this channel. I think AI is determined to cast me as a Christian fundamentalist type but I look into many differing spiritual view points including Christianity. YouTube even hides my 'Spiritual' playlist from me when I go looking for it. But I CAN find it when logged out searching as another user.
    This show was really, really useful to me. Thank you Bob.

  13. I do have a question and I apologize if it has already been answered and I missed it. But if you bring in an old wound for example the back pain part in your video and you have issues in this life with it can you resolve that back pain in hypnosis??? I hope that makes sense.