Past Life Regression – Burned at the Stake

Past Life Regression – Burned at the Stake

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This is my past life regression exactly where I noticed myself get burned alive. Every single time I glance far more into it, unusual items continue to keep going on.

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  1. Very interesting. As a kid, I already had memories of being burned alive (for something that I'd written). I later also had past life experiences (flashbacks) while visiting Greece and Thailand. There's no doubt in my mind that those images are real memories.

  2. i think its wonderful you shared. Thanks !!!! means alot to me. New to this, i get smells a lot and see exact figures in the sky at times as well as see shadow animals &and hear footsteps and doors sometimes & heard comments a few times.

  3. I guess if I were threatened with being burned at the stake, I would agree to become a medium. I expect to get scolded for this comment especially if they didn't see your post on finding out you were a medium and my comment on that post.

  4. I been having this recently thought i was going crazy but I have memories of dieing from a solar cataclysm. Specifically the Sun ☀️☀️☀️. I remember how the sky roared and shook I can remember how everyone was looking up and the feeling that we all knew that it was deserved and that it was going to be the end. I swear I can remember how it felt barely hurt everything was getting so bright and it felt like just turning to dust fading away I remember my body just fading out and how my breath was getting shallow and more shallow the heat was so intense that their was no feeling of actually burning if that makes sense and everything got swallowed by the Sun I knew it everyone knew it but their was nothing we could do. CRAZY STUFF now i have anxiety unfortunately

  5. I love that you were not just immediately all over it – that you were cautious and skeptical (which simply means “to neither believe nor disbelieve”. You just let the evidence pile up gradually and naturally. Good work.

  6. I broke out in a full body rash that was excruciatingly painful yet undiagnosable by Dr's. I had a spontaneous past life recollection of being burned at the stake and my neighbor was the aggressor. No one was more surprised than me!! Having this knowledge helped me heal myself and also understand why this guy was targeting me in very hateful ways. It helped me clear the karma connection. Unfortunately, the neighbor continues to kill himself (slowly) in his activities while I completely ignore him. I feel I was VERY blessed to be given these insights.