Past Life Regression – 3 Life Lessons I Learned

Past Life Regression – 3 Life Lessons I Learned

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In this past life regression I discover 3 essential daily life classes

Past Life Regression I Employed:

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  1. Ive tried the regression 3 times, lying down, in a blanket, yet i didnt get anything. Not even some weird feelings, nothing visual either, just my imagination occasionally thinking of random things. I dont know what im doing wrong or how i can get my brain to show me more!

  2. I can relate to this, although I was a woman who died in 1700's and after I died I felt I could not love enough to continue living. Seeing my then husband getting sad and angry was very harsh. I met him in this life and have healed that life, although I still have some more healing to do apparently.

  3. I have to say this is my favorite YouTube channel and for me life transforming. I just started yesterday watching your dmt trip stories and now I am watching healing and past life regression lessons about how to live and love. Amazing. Seriously. Thank you.

  4. I actually just randomly found your channel and subscribed! The original link you posted in order to instill the regression, seems to be broken. Is there somewhere or a different link you use? Thanks again!

  5. I saw my life as a boy in France in 1829. The trauma from that life was that I lost my parents young. I was always scared of losing people too soon. My dad died by suicide in this life. I guess I’m still learning this lesson.

  6. How does the process of a past life regression work? I feel like I need to go to see somebody for one as I'm almost certain I have vague memories pop up from a previous life/lives every now and again.
    I also used to have this dream when I was younger…it wasn't really a "dream" because I had woken up, but the feeling I had over me was terrifying, like a deep level of despair and doom. I used to get that regularly, and had it once or twice as an adult. Never had that feeling in the day time, it's indescribable.
    Thanks for all your videos Alan, I still watch them!

  7. I am a professional hypnotherapist, in practice for over twenty years. Although PLR is something I do, but not my specialty, my mind became open to the probability of past lives during the course of my original training as a hypnotherapist. I had been raised in a home where my mother really believed in reincarnation, but I had always been very skeptical of the concept. I come from a pretty heavy science background, and I always told my mom, "I want to live just one life, and that is more than enough!" Anyway, that all changed when I had my first past life regression. My instructor, Art Leidecker, caught my attention when he told our class, which largely consisted of doctors and psychologists, that we needed to learn past life regression work because, statistically, about 1 out of 200 people will spontaneously regress into a past life when you are using hypnotic regression to uncover the root cause of an issue in THIS life. My instructor told us that we better know what to do, and how to handle it, when that happens. Well, I won't go into detail about my own past life experience. I will say, it made perfect sense, and certainly was not the stuff of romantic fantasy or wish fulfillment. Since then, I have done PLR sessions many times with many people, some of whom have even come to me from other states. I also have experienced three regressions of my own into past lives. One of those was with Brian Weiss, in-person. Every experience was meaningful and deepened my own understanding of myself, and my sometimes quirky inclinations.

  8. Never turn down love is very true. We tend to push love away in the face of pain, hurt, agony, or defeat. I’ve learned through my hardships to truly have my arms open for when love sheds its light on me. It takes practice at first, especially if we are stuck in the middle of a battle, but I now try my hardest to just appreciate and accept when love is given to me, because it is truly a medicine and it is the only thing that can survive the pain.

  9. Nice Past life regressions. You can now work on soul retrieval, this experience probable fregmented your soul.when you have a trauma in a past life, it can happen that you lose a piece of soul and that this impacts your current life.