Past Life Memories | An In-Depth Interview with Carol Bowman

Past Life Memories | An In-Depth Interview with Carol Bowman

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Carol Bowman, M.S. is an internationally recognised writer, lecturer, counselor, past life regression therapist, and pioneer in reincarnation research. Her textbooks, Children’s Past Lives (Bantam, 1997) and Return from Heaven (HarperCollins, 2001) are now classics in the reincarnation industry, and have been published and go through all over the world in 22 overseas editions.

Her personalized experiences as properly as people of her young children created her privy to the phenomenon of reincarnation and started a existence very long desire and career pertaining to it.

In this job interview she recounts how she acquired into private touch with this phenomenon and talks about her perform as a therapist and general public expert speaker.

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00:22 Have we all been listed here right before in an additional lifestyle?
01:54 Which experience struck you the most in the perception of finding it most convincing in regards to this maybe being a actual phenomenon?
13:18 The work of the Office of Perceptual Research and of Dr. Ian Stevenson has been likely on for a very long time …
26:41 Sceptics may contact these cases unscientific simply because they depend on private subjected experience …
33:27 Personalized subjective facts and factual history
39:48 Would it be helpful for little ones if we gave them the room to categorical them extra openly and if moms and dads were not so keen do dismiss this as fantasy or coming from a sceptisism to a put?
41:43 Noticeable birthmarks: Do you have an thought how that could have around? Is that evidence for incarnation?
50:22 Getting born into your family over and in excess of or at least a person extra time – did you have a circumstance like that?
53:26 Do we have absolutely free will? Are we the makers of our own future – at minimum to an extent?
53:57 Do you necessarily mean, the sample finds the suitable parameters in daily life to express alone and to function on?
54:22 Does not invention transpire on hunches generally?
56:13 What are you currently working on?

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  1. During a meditation, I 'clicked' on another life, which played out like a video. I am currently writing about this life, as memories are triggered by all kinds of things. I was no one special, but very different to who I am now. Another life has since come through, as a sacrificial victim killed ritually during Aztec times. I cannot watch anything about that culture to this day. This is all very real to me, as I am sure it is to many, many others.

  2. When my oldest daughter was about 5 she suffered from night terrors.
    She would rise from sleep screaming, crying hysterically saying "don't let them get me, they're coming to get me, whilst looking back into her bedroom.
    I would run upstairs and she would be crouching on the top platform of the stairs, I would just hold her very tightly until she calmed down.
    She would then quietly go back to bed and sleep until morning and have no memory of what had happened.
    I was at a loss to understand what was causing this unrest in my daughter.
    Since learning about children remembering and experiencing trauma in a past life, I am now convinced that what my daughter was experiencing was possibly how she died in a previous life.
    This went on for a few weeks and eventually stopped and never came back.
    As she grew older, she became very insecure, I feel the memory of the trauma carried on into adulthood because it was never resolved.

  3. What if we are in a reincarnation soul trap? How can we learn if our memories are wiped? Do you go to the 5th grade after erasing everything you learned in 4th, 3rd, 2nd and so on? Why all the fear and suffering? Why do animals eat each other alive?
    Why are we imprisoned in bodies on a prison planet? Can you ever pay off Karma without living a perfect life? What about Archons? The Demiurge? What if we are farmed for energy that they feed on? We all feed on each other's energy here right? Parasite world?
    Just because we may know there is reincarnation that doesn't make it a good thing

  4. Always "funny" how Christians out of all people have such a hard time with reincarnation. Sometimes I wonder if the story of christ was a exaggerated version of just that. Violent death, reincarnates, except with birthmarks, or as they are called in this case, stigmata.

  5. I was having sex with my lover, when I suddenly pictured the two of us sitting back to back, each pointing a gun at our hearts! Yikes!…. I quickly opened my eyes and started to tell him and he said “No. please don’t share your vision”. I didn’t. But at least that made it stop before I saw what was inevitable happen!

  6. I always thought I was living in the wrong place (France) at the wrong time. 30 years ago I went to the USA for a 3 months internship. Everything seemed familiar and easy for me. I was crying when it was time to fly back to France. 4 months ago under regressive hypnosis I discovered I was a marine killed in Vietnam. I searched the name on the internet and found he had been killed 2 years before my birth. I had seen exactly what was reported in the Marines archives for that day. I don't remember all this life but very special moments. It has changed my life.

  7. Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) has all the answers. JKP has all the answers. Reincarnation is real and true. I have had spontaneous past life regressions without even trying. The science of soul, material world and God is all there with Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

  8. Não existe cópias de você por aí em outras dimensões.
    Você é único.
    E voltamos várias vezes aqui e com um único objetivo:
    Evoluir (moralmente)
    Nada vamos "carregar" "transportar" "transferir" daqui….a não ser o que fizemos de bom ao próximo ao mundo à sociedade…
    Isto é……à conciencia tranquila.





  9. I acquired Past Life Memories on March 14 2018 and rather than forgetting I've accelerated my knowledge of the past. I'd now describe myself as having "encyclopaedic memory" I know SO much from multiple Past Lives. I know my last SEVEN names, and I had to laugh when Jenny Cockell (who doesn't know who I am, nor does Cameron Macaulay) said on her interview with Bob Olson that "nobody seems to remember anything useful like a phone number" because it was the phone number for Sanderin Cottage on Barra that I forgot. The reason why Cameron looks like Gillian Robertson (in profile) when he meets her is because Gillian is the younger sister of Elizabeth (Lily) and the girls were Adopted into another branch of the Robertson clan after their mother Mrs Johnston's flat on Kilmun St (Ground Floor eft, 11-13) was bombed in the Clydebank Blitz which began on March 14, 1941. As a young boy I regularly went to that address. I've found photos online of Past Life Me walking across the photo to investigate whatever was left by the bombing. What's interesting is that I've discovered my 3 siblings from that life are apparently also my 3 siblings in this one and AT LEAST 4 lives consecutively I've been born 3rd of 4. Ive also been ADOPTED multiple times consecutively. This is an area where Past Life Researchers at Universities lose out because Adoption Records are often closed files and many will not exist if children were Wartime Adoptees, it was often done within families unofficially.

    Telling someone that they were Adopted as a Baby when they don't know that is tricky. You can't just blurt it. out. It seems less than randomly coincidental that my Death Record as held in Railway Staff Archives names me as having had the Birth Surname McIntosh/Mackintosh when my Family Name was Robertson, in my preceding life lived 1864-1933 I died with the Surname Mackintosh (*which had changed from McIntosh*) and in this life I discovered my Adoption when Googling the Birth Place of Charles Rennie Mackintosh whom I was married to for 32yrs (not 27!). Contrary to Art History records we had TWO children; Charles Leonard Mackintosh b1896 and Kathleen Frances Mackintosh b.1900 – so I was quite famous in that life – but nowhere near as famous as I was in 3 earlier lifetimes! OMG! I got some real "heart attack" shocks when I found out my Past Life Names. Most importantly – I beat Charles Rennie Mackintosh to being immortalised in bronze in Glasgow by 200yrs, hehe. Past Life Statue Me has an excellent view of the city centre : )

    As a child I used to tell my family I "must've been a boy in a Past Life". When I went to Secondary and picked up French very easily – I was noticed to have an accent which didn't match that of the teacher OR the course materials – I said "I Must've lived in France in a Past Life". I was right both times. (We Retired to France). Even more interesting is this; I'm back living in the SAME HOUSE we lived in together in the Past. What are the Odds, and this isn't the first time that's happened either, in fact, I already know I'm going to be going back to our old house in Ayrshire in a future life, prob. the next one. I will YET AGAIN be one of a family of 2 parents & 4 kids and there's every reason to believe I'll be 3rd of 4 again. I also learned a year ago that my daughter from The Mackintosh Life (my name was Margaret Macdonald, Artist & Designer; Oi! MY Argyle Chair) died c.1937 & was reborn to her Middle Daughter Eleanor & grew up to become……..MY MUM. Woohoo!

  10. I come from a religion that believes in reincarnation. My grandfather, cousin, and few members of the family were reincarnated and new the impossible, but I do believe what Dr Bruce Greyson said, its more possible that these people were repossessed by deceased people. I had a near death experience and think that we do go to another dimension. Our souls carries on. So the soul going into someone's body or mabe passing information to it. I don't know how but this explanation makes more sense.

  11. When I was about 4 or 5 I use to say “remember when I was big (an adult)”. I just knew I was a grown up and then became a kid. My mom told me I was never “big”. It being my mom, she convinced me it was just my kid imagination. I want to recover those memories somehow now

  12. Ecclesiastes 9:5-7

    For the living know that they will die,
    but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward,and even their name is forgotten.
    6  Their love, their hate
    and their jealousy have long since vanished;
never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun.
    7 Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart,for Yah has already approved what you do.
    Ecclesiastes 12:7
    At death the spirit will return to YAH who gave it—The words of the wise are as goads—The whole duty of man is to fear YAH and keep His commandments. … 7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto YAH who gave it

  13. Epigenetics is a well-proven concept in genetics. Why would you say that it's controversial? The morphogenetic field is (more than) controversial, but although there is some functional overlap between them, they are not theoretically equivalent.

  14. My grandson told my daughter that he was once a lady who cleaned like her. (She was cleaning the floors) a few months later he told them his friend was there now playing with him. His friend had his name in this life but he told them his friend was 5, he’s 3, and has black hair. He said they played basketball when they knew each other before. When I was young I was extremely claustrophobic. I was also born with a birthmark that covered me completely but faded down just to my thigh by the time I was a few months old. As a teenager I kept waking up the household screaming where am I? Someone finally woke me up while I was dreaming and screaming this. I was in darkness and could feel rough rocks or something like it and I was terrified and didn’t know how I got there. I felt I had died there. Later in life I became convinced I died in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. I wasn’t born there but was drawn there my whole life and was living there when I felt it was true. Someone from India told me being born covered in a birthmark signifies being buried alive in a past life. A past life death.

  15. The Soul enters the body on the 21st day after conception. What happens on the 21st day after conception? Religion is only a primitive machination by Man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only life forms that are weak in their consciousness succumb.

    When Man indulges in his religions, i.e. malevolent, erroneous doctrines, his consciousness wastes away more and more and ultimately leads to a bottomless abyss. Our religions control people’s lives and the welfare of the whole planet retarding our world by thousands of years in spiritual development. Every aspect of spiritual evolution is blocked by these religions, making any genuine progress impossible. Our religions still contain some real worth, but this becomes so overshadowed that only a few people are able to see any effective truth in them. Spirit: Being of creative energy and Creation itself. The all-becoming, all-creative and all-stimulating. The Ur-Energy of all BEING = Spiritenergy = Spiritform = immortal. Also known as Spiritbody = Astralform = Astralbody. The spirit is an idea itself, concentrated to spiritual-energy in itself. The spirit is a Creation of the Creation itself in order help itself to evolve to a higher level. The spirit is also referred to spiritform, indestructible, eternally living, loving entity, always developing, it resides in the human brain, exactly in the 'Superior Colliculus' of the big brain or Cerebrum; the comprehensive consciousness-block (personality) resides mainly in the frontal cerebral cortex.

    Even though the 'size' of the spirit is no larger then a needle-point, its energy is enormous and spreads out evenly like a filigree web over all parts of the human body inside and out, without losing one iota of its power, with its spirit-energy it brings life to every cell in the human body. The Spirit, the Spiritform is an immortal factor in BEING of the Creation, so it can switch from one level to the next, so from the beyond into the material realm, which is called reincarnation, the other switch from the material realm to the beyond is called dying, death. The actual process is called in the Geisteslehre (spirit-teaching) transformation. The human Spiritform, which is the part of Creation-spirit in the human, is in the pre-birth phase (before it enters a human body for the very first time) a spirit-energy concentration, which exists time-less (not affected by space-time in the material sense), without knowledge and wisdom, created since primordial times by the Creation.

    When this spirit-energy concentration enters a human for the very first time, the natural-creative law comes in to effect that every part needs a counterpart. It creates the overall-consciousness-block, which is the negative pole (and a neutral unity in itself) and functions to enliven the material human body, whereby this spirit-energy concentration is the positive pole.

    The reincarnation cycle has begun and slowly over countless reincarnations the Spiritform is gathering wisdom and power.

    This exact event is the coming to existence of the human spirit as new-spirit, and the start of its evolution in the material, consciousness-related and the spiritual which will last for about 420 billion years until re-emerging with the Creation as part of the universal-empfindungs-consciousness.This spirit-energy stays for about 3 hours in the remains of a human body after the spirit and there by the central spiritenergy itself has left the body, that’s why some body parts still can be used in organ donation. The spirit-energy that stays behind in the human body could be referred to residual-spiritenergy, and is absorbed by Nature in the course of 3 hours (Somewhat similar like warmth is absorbed by its surrounding environment).