Our Journey Home To The Afterlife Following Physical Death – Afterlife TV

Our Journey Home To The Afterlife Following Physical Death – Afterlife TV

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Afterlife Television set from the Vault: Working with a film as our basis for talking about the afterlife, this interview resulted in an insightful conversation about our spiritual journey again home to the spirit globe immediately after our life have finished. Just one need not look at the motion picture to achieve benefit from this episode. Even much more, my guest’s gentle and sort soul — his spirituality and gratitude obvious all through the job interview — warmed my coronary heart just being in his presence (even nearly). I assume you are going to agree that his text and demeanor are as loving and contagious as the material of our dialogue.

This is 1 of my earliest interviews on Afterlife Tv set. I had the unusual possibility to speak with Wagner de Assis, the author/director of the movie, Astral City (titled Nosso Lar in Portuguese, which suggests Our Residence). Wagner wrote the script primarily based on one particular of the most well-known books in Brazil, also titled Nosso Lar, which was channeled by mega-famous medium, Chico Xavier. Not surprising, Wagner’s motion picture broke box business office information in Brazil when it was released.

I consider you will delight in this interview that covers a great deal of ground spiritually, together with adore, peace, forgiveness, motion and reaction, the thought of hell, and the knowing that bodily death is simply a transition and return to our correct dwelling. You should let me know what you enjoy about it most.

Sending you more than enough enjoy to previous ten lifetimes,
Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com, BobOlson.com & BestPsychicDirectory.com

PS, You can buy and check out the film, Astral Town, on YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Participate in Films & Tv.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this!!! Its time to get closer to this part of my life and let the rest wash over me somehow – at least til the Winter Solstice. I'm looking forward to watching the movie and will look for Wagner de Assis' on Facebook. Reality at the close of 2020 is so emotionally charged and fear so intense, we need reminders of something glorious – a dimension of Light – that awaits us. I watch your previous interviews sometimes to cheer up, honestly. Thanks for introducing Chico Xavier to us, too. Blessings

  2. ASTRAL CITY is ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIES. It was an INCREDIBLE MOVIE. I can talk about this movie forever. When I watched this I posted it everywhere and shared with whoever would listen. This was eye opening and I remember being so OVERWHELMED with the way it was portrayed and presented I feel like crying thinking of it!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE and now I Will watch it again!! OXOXOX

  3. Great interview! I've never heard of the movie or book. I will defiantly check it out. Thank you bob for all that u do, and to all ur great guests. You are making this world a better place! God bless

  4. Very nice. Would love to see the movie, or read the book. It should be similar to other channeled books, like those of Anthony Borgia, George Vale Owens and James Padgett. According to them, the economy of God is based on progression and no stone is left unturned to assist each of us in reaching heaven.

  5. I've seen a few near-death testimonials that imply we are in both places, here and on the other side and that our earthly existence is just an aspect of ourselves. I really want to believe this because my brother passed away a few years ago, and I was worried that he would reincarnate before I see him again.

  6. Thanks as always, Bob! I am so sad that my mom will be transitioning soon. I'm so sad. My sadness is because she is in extreme pain in this life, but I'm ready for her to begin her journey. She fell last week, broke her pelvis, and at 93, well…. its time for God to call her home. Your words are always comfort to me.

  7. I seen this movie last nite. So beautiful made me cry at the end. Really resonated with me. I have been given glimpses in my dreams of things so amazing just want to share with the world but some people are not interested. So sad

  8. Thank you for this interview. I watched Nosso Lar multiple times following my brother’s sudden passing last year. It helped us process so much of this new reality, and kick started my spiritual journey. It was the “official” introduction to spiritism, and opened the door to learning about NDEs, OBEs, STEs, astral travel, life after life, Spirit, mediumship, reincarnation and the like. It has changed everything (for the better). Back then, I wondered why this movie was not a bigger deal in the US, considering how profound the messages are. I’m glad to see it’s made its way here, and I hope it is experienced by the souls who are seeking comfort, guidance, who are curious, who are awakening and who need to be awakened.

  9. The love we feel on the other side is one, we can feel here in this body as well when we learn that it is in us and that we are it. It is absolutely possible and that is the part of why we come here. We select bodies, parents, environments that will create that conditioning we need to overcome, by working on ourselves, overcoming learned behaviors, learning lessons of self-love not relying on anything external, and once we do, we actually learn that there was never any separation, it was only an illusion necessary for each to learn their lesson, balance out the karma. The love I felt from my guide (spirit) when it appeared to me was unlike anything I ever felt, and I never wanted to feel any different. Now I know that I felt it as such because I didn’t love myself, I was at a low point in my life when I was loathing myself because of everything that was and has happened in my life. At the time I didn’t know that I have chosen these things to happen in my life that would become obstacles for me to overcome to learn myself, to learn that I have that love within me, that I am that love. There is a veil of false separation from that love and it is a part of our learning and growth, and why we come here to this plane, to overcome obstacles we set for ourselves and by doing so we learn that there is no separation, never was and never will be. We are it and it is us. We come to this world that is designed as such where we are taught that we are separate, but we are not. If only people knew how easy it is to feel that same love just by learning to love themselves for what they are and unlearning everything that society is enforcing on them. This is why we come here, to learn ourselves, our true nature. We are One with One, because we are of it and it is of us.