No Fear in the Stars (SDE)

No Fear in the Stars (SDE)

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Dr. Sharon Prentice is in private exercise as a Transformational Psychologist. A large part of her exercise will involve the treatment and procedure of these dealing with grief challenges and death and dying. Sharon’s motivation to function in these locations was encouraged by her Shared Death Experience when her partner transitioned to the other side. Sharon shares her searing grief soon after the loss of her child, the challenge of her husband’s sickness and the life-reworking experience of remaining caught up in the stars.

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  1. This interview really touched me. I've been wondering about what I should be afraid of when it comes to the end (i.e. death bed) as I've been diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. Just this week I decided not to have the surgery my oncologist offered me, due to co-morbidities. I told my family that I don't want to go into a hospice. I want to be in my bed, with my husband and adult children cuddling me (that's what they want, too) My oncologist guesstimates I have 2 – 3 years left. Listening to Sharon, has really helped me. I'll be buying her book. Thank you, Julie, for this interview, the timing was perfect! xx

  2. I really loved this interview. Sharon’s next book really got me excited! She herself is one of those women she interviewed, for all that she’s overcome she is now in a position where she is helping countless people. She inspired me so much and moved me to tears at the end. I love the message about not judging as well. It’s so important to instill that this is not ok, and the more people like you talk about that this is a problem, maybe it will get through to some. I really resonated with Sharon, she was just lovely, thank you both for this interview! ✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️

  3. A note on what Sharon was explaining about reincarnation and Julie or that single thought of that person. I believe in reincarnation in spades. Not everyone is reincarnated. But when I 'm gone. That person everyone knows as me is gone. My Soul/Spirit is what moves on, and keeps moving on until? What I wonder about is… What part of me, my personalities, beliefs, likes, dislikes, emotions, passions…is part of my Soul/Sprit that moves on to another body or whatever? Our bodies, minds, lessons, thoughts and beliefs change over our lifetime. In all those changes. When am I, me? The things we learn and discard. Am I really me, just before death or when I was 18…30…50… I believe all of them. I'm still learning and growing, even at the moment of my passing and beyond, reincarnation! Just my 2.3 cents. Thanks again Dr. Prentice and Julie.