New Afterlife TV with Bob Olson Intro

New Afterlife TV with Bob Olson Intro

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New Afterlife Tv set Intro – You Likey? ๐Ÿ™‚

We are finding closer to new Afterlife Tv episodes, so I considered I would share with you the new intro that will introduce the clearly show ahead of each and every episode. We needed a little something that was exciting & upbeat and I consider we succeeded. ~ Warm wishes to you, Bob

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HOW TO Check out THE Clearly show: If you have in no way observed Afterlife Tv, you can watch it at or at


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  1. I miss Bob as well… I see myself watching old videos and seeing the love, compassion, and PASSION behind the interviewees and the interviewer. I can't wait for those new interviews!

  2. Your investigations, interviews and book have changed my life for the better. Although I was first introduced to the afterlife as a topic through Brian Weiss' books, your interviews with luminaries in the field have put the latest and greatest information right in front of our screens. Thank you Bob!