Near-Death Experiences & The Life Lessons We Can Learn From Them

Near-Death Experiences & The Life Lessons We Can Learn From Them

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Near-Death Experiences & The Lifestyle Classes We Can Study From Them – Job interview with Dr. Penny Sartori

DR. PENNY SARTORI: “Dr. Penny Sartori labored as an Intense Treatment nurse for 21 yrs and undertook UK’s 1st long-phrase possible study on near-death experiences (NDEs). In this episode, Penny discusses the standard phases of near-death experiences, the Daily life Review process and how that variations folks, what we master from children’s NDEs, how people’s cultural beliefs have an impact on their NDEs, what NDEs educate us about everyday living, the implications of NDEs with folks in comas and using drugs like morphine, plus her individual advice to the bereaved, people today who have had NDEs but haven’t explained to anybody, and an important information to health care staff about our want to combine spirituality into healthcare. We experienced some Skype troubles for the duration of the job interview, so there are two insignificant edits you might detect but Penny wasn’t phased by it and displayed a calmness and kindness that is infectious. Delight in!” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television set

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PENNY’S Ebook The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences:

IANDS Website (International Association of Near-Death Research) – Uncover a group near you: across-a-group.html

Dr Penny Sartori labored as a nurse in a British healthcare facility for 21 several years, 17 of all those being in Intense Treatment. She is extremely knowledgeable and expert in her job as an intense care workers nurse and has done unique and considerable research into the near-death experiences (NDEs) of her sufferers. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD for her research into NDEs.

Dr Sartori’s work has obtained worldwide focus and media protection. She has spoken at quite a few conferences equally nationally and internationally and her get the job done has received the interest of HRH Prince Charles.

Stop by Dr. Penny Sartori’s web-site at

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  1. There are Facebook NDE groups – they're helpful and of course all the websites and videos of people sharing their stories.  I'm glad that doctors are gaining interest and I think that there's less stigma attached than there used to be. Thank you – I want to read Dr. Sartori's book. I've had an NDE over 40 yrs ago – it's interesting to read how so many are so different – even with basics that are common in the experience.  I love that we're moving into a spiritual appreciation too. 

  2. Bob, my folks spoke six languages (we are Eastern European) and I learned English when I was three, so my accent morphed into something else, folks think I sound NY, I lived in Kentucky as a kid and learned English there.  We moved to Los Angeles when I was five.  My parents had very heavy accents and I have learned to love the different speech rhythms and variances.  Life would be so boring if it were not for the diversity … the beautiful diversity that we are able to enjoy here; if one gets the notion that life is a wonderful banquet.  My mom, although not Asian, used to say, "life is a banquet … it is sweet and sour."  Yum.

    Do not feel anything other than good about yourself and that includes your wonderful and individual way of speaking.  Many of us love it and would never have said anything to make you feel that it is not a good thing.  It makes you stand out as the individual that you are and that we appreciate.  On that note, happy valentine's day to you and your lovely wife.  

    As an aside, when I was a teen, I had a friend whose parents grew up in Boston … I am going to Pak the cah.  So happy that I grew up in a City that is a melting pot.

  3. This interview as well as your others should be on world wide television!! I think this would help so many people and help our planet to know of these things.  You do a great job on this matter and I just wish it was more exposed and people could just be more open to learning about them.  You truly have a mission in life I feel to be doing this work. Keep at it my friend !!! 🙂

  4. I love Dr. Penny! I have listened to a number of her talks. Aside for her lovely accent which makes listening to her a pleasure, the information she has collected from being on the front lines of patient care is most valuable and compelling. I wish her all the success & power in getting the message out there to a world more in need than ever before.

  5. Thank you for pointing out (around 42:00) the difference between spirituality and religion. There is a very fine line between clinical health care and the introduction of spirituality. While hospitalized (nothing life threatening) I had an LPN who cunningly tried to sell me on Jehovah. I felt caught off guard and extremely vulnerable.
    Some have called me ''nuts'' to my face regarding my long held belief in spirit communication and NDE. Still, I would hate it if anyone's particular beliefs were  challenged, no matter how gingerly approached, when they are ill. Let's face it, Bob, at some point they'll figure it out! hah!

  6. Thank you so much for this interview, Bob! I experienced a NDE  40 years ago and even now all these years later , I´m seeing the changes that brought that experience to my life and to those around me. Please, I´ll very interested in connecting with her for the translations of the book into spanish.

  7. When one of my sons was about 2-1/2, he told me he used to have a big black car, like one we'd just driven past. I asked, "When was that?" He answered, "When I was a judge". He went on to explain he had a big black car and a driver, and he sat in the back and read his 'papers'. I asked more about that later, and he was very matter-of-fact in repeating it. He also told me he and his twin brother had been together on a 'horse farm' with 'our other mommy and daddy'. I asked where and he said 'In the place we lived before we came here". I asked what it was like, he said the grass was a dark color, almost purple, and the farm was surrounded by white fencing. He and his brother used to ride horses, and their former parents were good to them. Why/how did they leave? "We had to come here to be with you". His twin agreed, but I couldn't tell if he was just going along with his brother's story. There weren't any stories about previous lives after that.

  8. Piggy backing on her last comment, I now feel that religion is a roadblock to true spirituality. The idea of oneness with god and the afterlife go way beyond what any church can teach, and also it would be nice to see the medical community get on board with this idea as well.