Near-Death Experiences and the Mysteries of Consciousness | Godehard Brüntrup in Conversation

Near-Death Experiences and the Mysteries of Consciousness | Godehard Brüntrup in Conversation

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Godehard Brüntrup is a professor at the Munich Faculty of Philosophy.
He offers with consciousness phenomena and has experienced an NDE himself.

00:00:52 Near-death experiences are fantasies, desires or just created up – do we acquire the straightforward way out by selecting these types of simplistic explanations?
00:06:22 The lifetime review – If near-death experiences are brought on by the brain in whatever type, isn’t it unbelievable that the target of near-death experiences is on ethical and ethical factors?
00:09:42 Which tactics would you typically suggest in order to offer with this phenomenon of near-death experiences?
00:13:17 Could not it be the longing to demonstrate anything in basic conditions inside the framework of an proven and familiar conception of the entire world?
00:17:20 The question regardless of whether the brain produces consciousness or transfers consciousness also plays a central part in the evaluation of near-death experiences.
00:18:53 There is also the phenomenon of a terminal clear mind …
00:21:18 Which connections do you see between near-death experiences and religion?
00:23:11 Really do not you feel that a lot of recognized religious reps may possibly fear when there are folks out there who’ve had a revelation outside of holy texts?
00:26:09 So your summary is that it is about valuing near-death experiences as a deep mystic experience?
00:29:20 What does this necessarily mean for you with regards to coma patients or individuals who are prepared for organ removals?
00:36:50 What prompted you to glance into the subject matter of near-death experiences?
00:39:58 Was it hard to discuss about your very own near-death experience?

Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Editorial contribution: Heike Funke
Voice-more than: Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Peter Cox
Editor: Werner Huemer

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  1. 1.
    3:20 Godehard Brüntrup -"The main reason being that apparently near-death experiences occur in situations where the brain doesn’t work under normal circumstances anymore."
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? "The brain doesn’t work under normal circumstances anymore"?.
    I think it is time Near Death Experiences were be divided into 2 categories:
    1. Medication/anaesthetic/drug-induced NDEs – these happen in hospitals under medical care and outside hospitals in people taking recreational drugs.
    2. Spontaneous/meditation/prayer-induced NDEs or sleep-induced NDEs – these have nothing to do with medications, anaesthesia and drug.
    So here Godehard Brüntrup seems to have referred only to NDEs that were medication/anaesthetic/drug-induced and left out of the equation the entire category of spontaneous/meditation/prayer-induced NDEs or sleep-induced NDEs. Big mistake.
    6:45 Werner Huemer – "If Near-Death Experiences are triggered by the brain in whatever form, isn’t it incredible that the focus of near-death experiences is on ethical and moral aspects?"
    This is one of the most interesting questions I have heard on any NDE YouTube video..
    40:40 Godehard Brüntrup – "And even today, I still do it with a certain reluctance because there is such a big disparity between what I experienced and what I’m able to express in language".
    Oh come on Mister Brüntrup! Here you are not on morning television but on Thanatos TV where there is a large audience who comes here precisely to hear as many details as possible about Near Death Experiences! It is very disappointing that you didn't tell us your story and blamed it on Human language not being adequate! Please change your mind and come back on Thanatos TV with a new video entirely about your own NDE!

  2. I suppose that the start of a proper systematic analysis of the NDE would be two organize 2 divisions or categories of experiences, one category would be those experiences that occurred durring the person's lifetime in the body, and those that did not occur in the body, for example, heavenly cities, or morbid hells. Also, for example, the shoe seen on the third floor of the hospital during the NDE in which it was physically impossible to se it up there on the ledge. A set A , set B, subset C organization of what elements of the NDE experience are common to all, and which elements are unique to one particular individual. Merely passing opinions back and forth accomplish nothing so far as , for example, defining the difference between the dream state and the NDE. But the final stop in our contemplations is consciousness/life does continue after the body can not be inhabited. My own belief is that God wants all his creation to be in heaven, either drawn into heaven by love, or driven into heaven by terror. Thank you for your creating this forum as an honest encouragement to those people confronted by "death".

  3. It's amazing those who were sent back didn't want to come back , plus meeting their deceased family & friends also seeing their life review on how their actions affected others .
    Others report the work they did whilst there & also the leisure & feelings of orgasmic bliss .
    What amazes me those with stage 4 cancer or the blind are sent back & cured with in months .
    All that have had this experience bankers Drs lawyers completely changed life to that of the caring arena knowing love is the real currency .
    20 million people have now had such experience.
    I think God is trying to teach us something . Those who go through remember every detail crystal clear for ever ! Amazing !

  4. Consciousness is the only thing fundamental, everything else this universe, our bodies all of the matter that surrounds us is an illusion, a projected reality that was created when the higher consciousness broke apart into smaller pieces (us) with the aim of evolving.

  5. Thank God for the inventors of the internet and YouTube. Thank God it's not true, that the worst sin you can commit is to simply not believe in Christ. Ate at me for years. Christian for five years. Agnostic for 15. Atheist for two months. And now connected with God and at peace

  6. What people seemingly don't realize, is that we are spirits having a human experience… We all chose (although we may not remember) our parents and situations and experiences before coming to earth. Unfortunately, most religion has been corrupting the TRUE message, which is to LOVE EACH OTHER, and spread ❤
    We all will return "Home" adventually.

  7. Another important aspect of the life review is that people not only relive their own lives in great detail, but they co-live empathichally the sensations of the people involved in the events of review. The near death experiencers can feel on themselves the effects that their own actions had on the others. So how could a dying brain make you feel the sensations of other people and reflect on the consequences of every action and on the meaning of life in general?

  8. Once upon a time I was somewhat "closed-minded" on the notion of altered states of consciousness, lucid dreaming, NDEs etc, UNTIL I had out of body experiences and Lucid Dreams myself, and now I know how important it is to keep an open mind !

  9. I was going to watch all of this video but after 2 minutes I realised that I don't need any convincing that we are consciousness and that when our physical body dies we go on living. It just occurred to me that (laughing) human beings or scientists trying to explain death and the afterlife in so called "rational terms" is completely laughable to me :)))

  10. Wonderful interview with a very compelling guest. The more I learn about ndes the more secure I feel and the more able I am to cope with grief and loss. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful interview.

  11. I remember feeling alone, distanced and detached from society around age 18 after my out of body experiences. It was like feeling homesick. I wanted to go back to that other world again. I can relate with how this gentleman describes how he felt after his own out of body experiences as a child.

  12. A very interesting & intriguing interview. I've listened several times now & am still trying to digest everything in it.

    If we could really take even just a small peek into the NDE with empirical tools so many questions about consciousness & reality could be answered & I'm sure so many more questions would arise. Fascinating topic.

    Imagine if the blind could be cured without organ transplants or surgery.

  13. I understand that Godehard Brüntrup is reticent to discuss his near death experience. But now that the cat is out of the bag, why didn't the interviewer at least press the issue so we can hear in Mr. Brüntrup's own words either some segments of his NDE that he may be willing to share or a confirmation that he won't.